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  1. Here is my experience with 2 viewers. It never hits exactly 100% due to some reserve. And, since it is 95%, we no not know, how much is actually enough. But GPU load is 50% i suppose GPU DRAM amount is the bottleneck until we diagnose better. I feel we need someone who knows inside kitchen and rule out our guessings.
  2. We need right tool to measure and diagnose, rather than guess. Can you suggest a tool? In my experience, with very simple one, 3GB onboard VRAM is used fully at many locations . What it is used for, and what happens when it is exhausted, only graphics driver knows that. Other thing, everyone has different understanding what is medium or high graphics settings, and what is heavy and light populated sim. Even screen resolutions vary wildly, HD to 4K. So it is often question here in tech section.... I got latest top card and FPS is so low! (oh yes i have 4K screen, it is 8 Megapixel and i expect it redrawn 40 times per second). And we have no reliable tool to diagnose this, like good old task manager for CPU apps, where you see cores load, DRAM amount, and swap to disk (if any). I guess those who develop SL viewers do have and shoud share their experience.
  3. IIn the future world, where Sansar is going to take place Facebook now occupies, most users will posses 1024 or 4096 cores GPU just like now crowds have 4 to 8 cores android phones (hardly needed to make phone calls). This will be fashion trend set by celebrities. But now, SL is a niche and many try to play their "VR" not only using random laptop, but obsolete laptop i guess this somewhat lower quality of their experience... but only to a small degree, since all VR is in our brain, you know
  4. well, one observation from my experience. It seems no one is curious to track the amound of GPU DRAM in use in their graphics card. I installed openhardware monitor, it shows in tray: GPU load, GPU memory, CPU load, system memory. All is common to other tools, but not GPU memory. i have 3 GB GPU DRAM on board and even at medium populated sim GPU DRAM contunuously used at 95%-99%.That means it is exhausted. GPU exchanges wildly with it's onboard DRAM while renders each frame. So when it is exhausted and swapped into system DRAM, FPS drops. Unfortunately openhardware monitor does not show GPU memory swap. Anyone kows the tool that shows? In the end, SL is DRAM hungry. GPU boards tend to be shipped with minimum DRAM for price cut, and that is okay for optimized games. Unfortunately we do not have sockets and can not upgrade. Residents need High End GPU mainly because these are only equipped with plenty DRAM.
  5. I gues it is where GPU onboard memory amount plays important part. Even with single viewer 4 GB might be just enough and more is better. With 2 viewers that depends (to some degree) if they are on the same sim. But better to double amount if GPU DRAM. If GPU DRAM is exhausted, GPU driver is able to swap to main system DRAM, but this is slower and affects FPS. When GPU DRAM is not enough, you can fine tune viewer settings to get desirable FPS, but visuals will deteriorate. One idea is to set second viewer to low graphics and limit the amount of texture memory (in viewer settings) to minimum.
  6. I have seen similar situation many years, more or less rare but regularly, in profile pic, or while opening photo or texture from inventory, or with texture applied to mesh clothing. Most images are 1024x1024. Looks like image did not finish, like progressive jpeg looks without last pass completed, and the image stays this way permanently. Sometimes the image gets perfect in a day, or week, or next month. Clearing SLcache helps, just i do not do it every time i see the problem. Whole situation looks like bug or bad design in the SL image transfer protocol or SL cache management. It should detect connection disconnected, image is broken or unfinised, and make retries. I guess someties the protocol stops and gives it up. To me this happens arbitrary to different textures. I see no logic, and have no idea how to reproduce it. Though maybe i was not so attentive. I have never seen likewise permanently distorted mesh, incompleted names or descriptions, broken notecards etc. Hence i guess SL images and textures have something unique in their transfer and storage.
  7. Hi. Let me comment. First, there are 3 types of lag: viewer, network, and server related. While discussing frame rate slow down, it is vital to distinguish between them. Because if frame rate drop is caused by one type of lag, then fighting other types of lag to their extinct will make little infuence on slow down. Viewer related lag is most common. Second, Avatar complexity is the margin above that single avatar is going not to be rendered. But it is all avatars together and other objects like furniture, and lighting reflections from all surfaces all contribute to overall sim complexity that graphics card have to render each frame. so there are some general guidelines: decrease viewing distance decrease the count of rendered avatars decrease avatar complexity threshhold switch off advanced features like avatar shadows, shadows from projectors, water reflections, or any shadows at all (but keep advanced lighting model) switch off advanced lighting model totally Depending on what is going on at given location, you fine tune the mix of these settings to your taste and preferences until frame rate is okay. but switch off advanced lighting totally works best
  8. Well, in my everyday experience i consider 45 FPS as life-smooth, and less FPS is worse to my eyes. I see it. Maybe avatar movement doesn't bind to FPS and "avatar FPS" is worse than scene FPS. IDK. But i see it for sure. Anyway, texture compression helps me a lot! Without shadows, any previously bad sim is now simply great. And with shadows many sims are good or normal (usually need to set SL window to 3/4 of the screen with shadows). So i think my particular problem is now solved. Just would like to propose to anyone in doubt - better choice is a GPU with 2 GB RAM, or, in case of top end GPU for future proof - even 4 GB. Just year ear ago, based on reviews and SL experience, i didn't even expect that i need 2 GB.
  9. And, second question, should i consider AMD 7970 against Nvidia 670 for SL? They are same price in local shop. *edited* i have found this interesting thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Radeon-HD7970-or-Nvidia-GTX-680/td-p/1753559 Installed MSI Afterburner and decided to try if i maybe running out of GPU RAM. Turned on lossy texture compression and will look into it further. But right now things seem to improve.
  10. Thank you! I tried this and it helps, of course... But scene in a club then looks not so good... And, ofc, i have to change all these settings back and forth, 32-512-32 meters... I really want some kind of automation from SL client, i imagine it like single slider "desired target FPS". Maybe programmers will do that in future
  11. Thank you. My memory is already not so bad (DDR 1600), and probably i do not really need 10% improvement. I woulkd prefer to double it.. but what about GPU, well, i consider Nvidia 670, but can not take it home for tests.. If only someone has already got similar experience (560->670), i would very appreciate...
  12. Hello. I have quite not bad hardware: i5-2500K CPU (overclocked to 4,3 GHZ and stable), Nvidia 560Ti GPU (latest driver), 2560x1440 display, 16GB DRAM, SSD, 15Mbps Internet connection. I use Firestorm. My SL FPS is very dependent on sim and crowd. Often on popular and crowded sims i get less than 30 fps even with shadows off, and actually, when i cam, or watch someone dancing - visible frames speed looks like let's say, 5-10, and it is acceptable but quite uncomfortable. CPU load always stays at near 50% (2 cores so-so fully loaded). But, attention, GPU load on crowded sim stays often like 50%, so it looks like GPU can't be loaded to it's full capabilities. Of course i often use SL window not full screen, 3/4 or even 1/2 of screen, and this improves FPS... And i set rather modest SL client settings, like - up to 32 meter distance, 7 non-impostor avatars maximum, all LOD values set to medium, etc. But with shadows on things are again even worse, rather freezed in most of complicated or crowded sims. So looks like shadows are useful in simple sim only. Question is: can i find more powerful hardware, or my software needs tuning, or nowadays SL sims and avatars are really overloaded with features and current hardware is simply too slow to handle it?
  13. You speak from the position, that every your search produce too many results. This means your search is too wide. Why not to try to narrow it with more words? But i agreed with you that item name should have more weight (in fact should come first). Even more, i'm pretty sure it is already made like this. Besides, i have very long purchase history on MP. I don't think it is extremely abused. Well, most abused words are ubiquitous, they arent useful anyway. What unique things are you expecting to find by entering single word "beautiful" ? As a buyer, you need to try fast as much different searches as possible, untill you will have satisfactory choice. As a seller, you need to guess most unique words your customer will be seach your products for... Yes this is difficult in the Internet too.
  14. Well, i didnt ask to review my or anyone else items. "My question is about loose associations. Can someone at Linden Lab give more exact guidelines on loose associations, including examples (based on flagging team everyday decisions) of what is allowed and what is not?" But thanks for the script. I appreciate, good tool.
  15. Thank for your opinion... Could you please provide examples, of what you search for and what unrelated results you get (of course if it is not private)? I undrestand the problem, but problem is related to any search in the Internet, even worse, because you search against index of raw pages, not refined by someone "strict keywords". Could you tell Internet is wrong? Shoud we moderate it?
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