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  1. I have been having the same problem. I cant even log in. if you find a solution please tell me.
  2. hi i am having the same problem. can you help me?
  3. hi i am having the same problem and it did the stuff with the appdata/ roaming and the appdata/local and it didnt work . can you help me?
  4. Hi. I am having trouble with my sl viewer. I download the setup.exe thing from the website and that went find and I ran it on my computer after it finished downloading and when I click on the sl viewer , it asks me which language I want which is fine. except when I click on the viewer or try to run it. a sign that says second life crash logger shows up. why is this happening? I would just like to play second life. I have windows vista. I own the computer. It is not ten years old,It is fairly recent. I am new to second life. It should meet the requirements. I have enough space. I uninstalled it and restarted the computer and redownloaded it. i also followed the instructions on wiki crash logger. it didnt work i still get the same thing.:( please help. I did a speed test. I don't know if this will help. Let me know if you need anymore information. my ping is 50ms the download 1.22 .the upload is 0.08.
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