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  1. Agreed, Emily. After just over five years here I'm like 'Yeeeeep. Same old shiz'. I do agree with the panic about the grid status thingies being posted late though. It's a bit silly to have us all sitting here with big ? above our heads when someone could just go 'blahblahblah stuff's gone a bit pear shaped back asap' when they realise they have a problem. This is just LL though. This is the way they roll. I view them rather like a mischevious, semi annoying yet beloved pet: "Oh you! Just broke my priceless ming vase you little scamp! But I love you!"
  2. Buckle up kids. Logins now disabled, FS is telling me. Poop. I had an appointment at 1.
  3. I'm just using a fairly useless pauper alt to test the waters before either of my main guys goes back in. I still remember something similar happening to me a few years back and losing like 2k that was never retrieved. Was like 'nooooo' I've had it happen before and it comes back though, that was just a one off
  4. I have no idea but that is the best title for a post ever. Good luck in your search ;D
  5. Cheers LL.... [12:24pm PST, 15 January 2013] Second Life is undergoing unscheduled maintenance. Residents may not be able to log in, and connected Residents may not be able to teleport or connect reliably with services in world. Please refrain from L$ transactions and from rezzing valuable (no-copy) items until the issue is cleared on this blog. We’ll keep you updated.
  6. Ah well, as long as it's not just me. I was sitting there like GAH I've been BOOTED! At least this hasn't been an entirely wasted experience...five years on SL and I've actually educated myself in the ways of the forum ;D
  7. At least you guys can get INTO Second life. I'm not even able to log in >.> Computer is fine, interwebz fine...must be a server thing.
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