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  1. I'll check out the town you are moving to and we can chat.
  2. Have you found a roommate yet?
  3. I am coming back to SL after being away for a few months. I would love to make some new friends. Feel free to im me in-world so we can chat. I'm currently exploring a few rp communities while I find a good fit again. I think I have found my home for now. My best suggestions is to visit several and see where you feel you best fit.
  4. I just picked up several LAQ demo bento heads to check out. Since I like their skins, I thought I would check out the heads.
  5. I like living in community sims. I recently moved into a lovely brownstone in a new community when I returned to sl after an absence.
  6. How funny that I run across this thread tonight. I just moved all of my inventory to temporary folders named the great inventory clean out. I will have an organized inventory moving forward!
  7. Feel free to message me inworld. I am returning to sl after being away for some time due to rl. I would love to make new connections.
  8. Feel free to message me. I would love to start a family again.
  9. I just moved to Acacia Falls. I have bounced around from community to community for some time now. I'm hoping this is my last move.
  10. Feel free to message me inworld. I am also returning to sl after being away for a bit due to rl.
  11. Message me in world sometime. Perhaps we can meet up.
  12. Do you plan on finding a place to rent? I have found that living in a community allows me to meet others on a regular basis.
  13. I've never been one to change my appearance on a regular basis. I find a look that I like and stick with it. I don't even have a mesh body yet...gasp!!! I've decided it is time to make the switch, so I'm checking out all the options out there. I want to find the right look for the new me.
  14. Did you decide to go ahead and do this? I would love to hear more about it. IM me inworld when you get a chance.
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