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  1. Dream Seeker Estates

    Residential, Commercial, and Farm parcels of all sizes! Grass, sand, and mixed available! 

    No premium account required! 1 week of rent gets you started! Amazing 24/7 support team!

    Price Examples:

    4096sqm - 937 prims - 1375L per week

    6144sqm - 1406 prims - 2062L per week

    8192sqm - 1875 prims - 2750L per week

    16384sqm - 3750 prims - 5500L per week

    More sizes too! We also have homesteads and full sims!

    Contact Indigoskye44 Resident today for a listing, any questions, and personal parcel showings! 

  2. Hi!

    Dream Seeker Estates has awesome parcels for rent at awesome prices! And we have one of the best support teams around! We have residential, commercial, farm, and adult land! We have grass, tropical, and beach terrains! Check out some of our prices:

    4096 sqm - 937 prims - 1375L per week

    6144 sqm - 1406 prims - 2062L per week

    8192 sqm - 1875 prims - 2750L per week

    1/4 sims - 3750 prims - 5500L per week

    And much more!! IM Indigoskye44 Resident to see the latest parcels and find the one that fits what you are looking for!

  3. My homestead has a gorgeous little parcel that I am renting out. It has 556 prims and is 1k per week to rent. 9728 sqm island so plenty of space. The sim is green grass and tropical island feel to it. Mountains and waterfalls. All water is open to swim and sail, and any outdoor areas on our side of the sim are free to be used by you! Comes with no house, but I do have a few houses I can put down if needed. Please contact Indigoskye44 Resident if you are interested in it!


    Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61896933@N05/8378529253/in/photostream

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