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  1. I need three images done: a high detail and attractive profile picture (head shot or chest up) with my name on it, a semi-nude or lingerie model photo (3/4 or full body) and a full body casual. Payment open to negotiation, but quality is a must. Please IM in world with rates and where I can find samples of your work.
  2. I really like the Tuty's AOs beacuse they seem to move more naturally in general - of course, there are exceptions!
  3. Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to check it out this week. Out of curisoity, is there any interest in possibly adding another reading to your events schedule?
  4. Is there anywhere still doing erotica readings over voice? I'd love to listen in on story time and perhaps contribute as either a reader or an author (or both).
  5. Hey, I'm more or less new (played years ago on an account I can't recover) and now I'm back & looking for a friendly adult or mature club to hang out at with no real idea where to start. I like to watch talented dancers (I won't tip for canned emotes or gesturebation) and dig shemale inclusive places (I'm an admirer) and good DJ's never hurt. Any suggestions?
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