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  1. -nods- I know what you mean. If I could get away from applier scripting for 5 mins I'd love to work on something like that. Would be an interesting project. As for who to talk to, Sadly, everyone is still in the "We'll release soon, we're almost done!" stage or earlier. And I don't release individual mesh information until they're ready for it to be released. Wooo privacy. But I'll keep your name in mind if anyone needs that sort of thing. But yeah, you definitely need to simplify.. Stuff made to wear is going to explode your LI. SL users have come to expect ridiculously detailed items to wear as they've never had to worry about LI on a pair of boots. But now that lovely rigged hair and fitmesh boots that you've been wearing, while you can slap them on a NPC and it'll work... it'll wreck your LI. Same for bodys and heads... Frankly, 25-30LI with 4 layers is very doable from what has landed in my box, but the models gotta be fairly simple. You just can't have the sort of detail that's been poured into the parts marketed as attachments.
  2. You can also do what some have already done and come see me about getting Omega Installed. It seems to work perfectly fine to set up an animesh like you would a mesh body with a couple clothing layers and then just throw it at my head for scripts. Assuming of course you're the mesh creator and not an end user. (Sorry end users) And frankly I'd be VERY disappointed if this hasn't already occurred to the major mesh bod/head makers that they could simplify their models and release "NPC" versions. They wouldn't even need to come see me since it's already set up.
  3. That is an interesting idea. At the very least it'll make sure the script is in the intended object, mod or not. I'll play around with that. Still, we need to fix that hole.
  4. Do I have to? Well first I will verify that this does infact work. I tested this awhile back. It's a fact I'd have liked to not advertise to the grid, because Security by Obscurity does help, but here we are. I'm not sure if this behavior has ALWAYS been this way. I remember doing tests along these lines when setting up the Mesh Maker Dev Kit, and didn't run across this behavior. But in more recent tests, it's definitely a hole. One I've been trying to think of a way to solve, but haven't had much luck. (If anyone has an idea, feel free to let me know x.x) I do take security VERY seriously and do my best to keep my ears to ground and be aware of the various ways a texture could be compromised, so that if I can do ANYTHING to prevent it, I do. This includes occasionally lurking on ..lets say.. sketchy... sites and speaking to less then scrupulous people. That's why over the years there's been various security measures added to protect the textures. Some I have advertised. Others I have not. Sadly, there is never 100% security with textures. As stated earlier, on the Internet, Read=Copy. But anything I can do to make it easier for people to be honest and buy instead of steal without being a huge burden on creators or consumers, I do that thing. But this has to be the most convoluted method of ripping I've seen to date. While this is definitely a security hole, it's one that requires a bunch of gymnastics to do. I really don't see anyone using it. If someone is this set on getting your UUIDs, they aren't doing it this way. If you are going to panic over this hole, there are holes that'll give you a straight up heart attack. That being said, they are absolutely right in that we need SL to fix this. Unlike some other holes, this is absolutely a fixable one. I also need to point out, before this sprouts more fears about Modify Meshes, is that ALL meshs, mod or not, Omega or Not, are susceptible to this UNLESS they are like Slink and have a designated Alt that NEVER gives out a Modify Prim under any circumstances. Scripts can't tell if a Prim is a Mesh body or a random gift the creator gave out 3 years ago. For this reason, this is a problem for all Meshes, Omega or not. Mesh Makers could start taking the Slink Approach to combat this, but I'm not sure that is reasonable to expect. For myself, there's nothing I could do other then perhaps disable all Omega Kits EXCEPT Slinks. That, or demand all Omega Friendly Meshes be sold through me so I can verify I can control the Prims being handed out. I'm not sure either demand is reasonable. Ultimately, the best thing any of you can do to protect your products is to keep providing the best customer service you can, including reasonable pricing and good applier support. Because 99% of the time, rippers start out as folks who just wanna get their skins onto the mesh of their choice. But once they learn how, it's alot easier to graduate into more nefarious uses.
  5. I was on board when they removed the max fee. $25 was stupidly cheep if you know how to hold onto your credit till you hit you max cashout. I was even on board with their initiative to get teir cheaper by shifting costs to other fees. It makes sense. Cheap land = More activity = More Sales for everyone. But they are doubling the cashout fees to knock 10% off the teir costs. There is some lopsided nonsense going on here. But I'm still of the opinion they should just bump it to 10% and have it be a credit useable toward land use, MP fees, premium and other fees (like region name changes and such). It'd still be well below the industry standard of 15-30%, encourage more land use and make us feel like we're getting something for our fees. Because right now, it just feels like we're being nickle and dimed from every direction.
  6. As long as the meshes keep their Onion Layers this is how it will work yes. Appliers will continue to function for a long while simply because there's not much reason to immediately strip the layers off existing meshes. New meshes and Future updates of the meshes will likely have fewer layers, and eventually no layers, but I'm doubtful that will happen quickly, as it will take time for various texture creators to repackage things. It only takes one tattoo, makeup or skin that someone is particularly attached to for someone to NEED the layers. And people get REALLY attached to their Skins and Tattoos. ~\o/~ So I will be super surprised if Onion layers disappear overnight. That being said, if you have a mesh body, make sure you keep a boxed current version of it tucked away. Someone might get overzealous. ?‍♀️ And if you're a texture creator of any kind, make sure your stuff has Appliers + System Layers. At least until they listen to my Jira! -flails dramatically for attention before giving up and wandering off again-
  7. Congratulations. You're a normal person. I, however, cannot help but get distracted by IMs popping up. I also use an outside editor, but I'm still tabbing in and out testing the scripts frequently to make sure I'm on track and every time I tab in, I'm liable to get distracted by someone needing something they think is important >.>
  8. Have one. It's not practical for most things I do. I need access to my giant inventory of meshes and tools I've built for myself. Get LL to change the permissions system so I can hand myself all my tools and scripts in one fell swoop without having to change all the nested perms... then it'll sorta be viable.
  9. I DO have a building alt I use for larger projects, but because of the nature of the work I do, it's only practical a small fraction of the time. I also have a customer support person. That helps a great deal, but people still IM me even though she's listed in my profile and a million other places. And there are some things they HAVE to come to talk to me about. It's nothing a CSR could handle. So I don't BLAME them.. I just need to be able to ignore them for a couple hours at a time...
  10. I need a new viewer for scripting. I love my customers and clients, but it's utterly impossible to get anything substantial done when I'm constantly getting IMs. I finally said enough this week and started using "Unavailable" during my aloted "get ***** done" times, thinking it'd keep me from seeing incoming messages and distracting me..... annddd I still get messages. -.- (Like srsly, whats the difference between this and autoresponse if you can see them?) So, does anyone know a good work viewer that will actually let you turn off incoming messages and isn't a major pain to do scripting work in?
  11. This is not a recent thing. This has been a requirement of the system since the beginning. If you see an Omega Skin applier that doesn't do this, they're doing it wrong and should be sent a notecard letting them know they goofed. (Nicely). You can tell em I said so. (Bear in mind sometimes the hand/feet appliers are sold separately. This is ok as long as they are available)
  12. Can't say I predicted this.. but this doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm sure all the image-conscious skin makers are considering this. There's a healthy number of creators who ONLY want their stuff to appear on certain meshes. And even the folks who aren't so exclusive minded know they are going to be blamed when people try to use Bakes on mesh on stuff like hands and feet and this happens: Frankly, skin makers are going to have to rush to get new system skins out that have the Mesh Friendly Textures on them.
  13. Hi! The first thing to note is that Bakes isn't fully released yet, so if you do any sort of bakes on the mesh, it'll look funny to anyone not using the project viewer. Second is, that you will need the BoM project viewer. Once you've gotten on your project viewer, you can change meshes to BoM manually if they are mod in the texture tab of the edit window. If your meshes are NOT mod, the easiest way to enable it is to use an applier to apply the BoM uuids. If you have Omega Installed, you can use the free ones I tossed in here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-Add-Ons-Applier-FixerConverters/10734638
  14. They do however cost labor. It's become habit in SL for everyone to build everything themselves, but getting a team together and actually paying them lets you churn out products much more efficiently. This is important when you start into complex projects like games since many skill sets are needed and frequent updates expected in order to keep users engaged.
  15. Well I presume people will want to. Alpha HUDs are the absolute WORST. -chuckles- But yeah, they'll work for now. That is a good point about being able to adjust the alpha. I wonder how many creators would want to make that an option...
  16. Well this is amazing. Is it just certain viewers? Certain Sims versions? Do we need an update? Or will it work on all viewers now?
  17. Mapping and other considerations aside, there WILL need to be one update for all no-mod meshes in the Human Body/head Market. They're going to need a button to switch the skin layer from Alpha_Mode_None to Alpha_Mode_Masking. Otherwise any bits you alpha out turn into blank space. I have spent the last 3ish years making sure everyone knows to set the skin to none to avoid the alpha glitch annnddd now it's gunna futz things up. -chuckles- And yes Mesh Makers, if you have one of my scripts in your stuff, unless we're doing API application only, your skin is set to Alpha_Mode_None with every skin application.
  18. Yeah, as I said, I got it working when I shunted both through a llStringTrim A few minutes after posting this. Because of course you always find the solution as soon as you open your mouth to complain about it.
  19. It's a distinct possibility. It is the first item in a list of data that's getting parsed out, so thats probably it.
  20. Yip, I'd type cast them, sent them through llToLower, llEscapeURL, everything I could think of. I finally got them working when I sent them both through llStringTrim. Which is weird, cause neither appeared to have any trailing anything. But if it works, it works.
  21. I'm working with HTTP_Requests and responses to a PHP page. In my LSL script, I'm comparing a bit of recieved data against a bit of stored data: if (a != b) llOwnerSay("Doesn't Match. We should have gotten " + a + " but we got " +b); if (a== b) llOwnerSay("Data Matches"); Buttt when I run it, this happens: Object: Doesn't Match. We should have gotten 929d44b65cdbba05af03b0c0b0ea4dc5 but we got 929d44b65cdbba05af03b0c0b0ea4dc5 If you notice, those strings are identical. But lsl says they are different. I've tried putting them both through llToLower and llEscapeURL, but they still don't come up as equal. Is there some sort of encoding issue I need to tackle to make this work?
  22. Am I crazy or is there a bit of confusion here? x.x In regards to Glossy, there is both a map and a parameter. The Gloss Parameter just acts as a multiplier. You can set it to 255 and use transparency instead to indicate what should shine and how much. And from what I've seen, you get much better results that way. It's a night and day difference. Now what that means for trying to get multiple maps all into one bake... well that's why I think these things will need to be tied to a diffuse texture to act as an alpha map. Is that something LL can pull off right now? I have no clue. x.x
  23. It's only different in that a) It's much more sudden and b) now we've seen what this sort of transition does. It was a *****ty implementation releasing Rigged Mesh without BoM at the same time. They could have saved it too if they'd done BoM Before or With Fitted Mesh. People were still doing System Layers then. But instead, they Went Rigged --> Fitted --> Bento --> Animesh --> BoM, ensuring they'd waited long enough for people to stop making System Layers. I was not around, but I've been told people complained about this when Rigging first came out. BoM is not a new idea. But because they didn't listen, we saw huge spikes in piracy, hundreds of thousands of products had to be reboxed or turn obsolete. There are still products on the MP that don't have applier support, that are essentially "lost" and getting dressed is a nightmare to navigate for new users. I still have to explain to people repeatedly that no, it's no ok to rip content "for my own use". And now we're talking about doing the exact same thing AGAIN. All the crappy side effects of going to mesh we had last time, the piracy, the confused customers, the reboxing.. oh god the reboxing.... we're doing it all over again. Just like last time, if they'd thought a bit more comprehensively and introduced BoM at the same time as rigged mesh, things would have been great, but they didn't. Now this time, they are again trying to put out just the bare minimum and it's going to send us through the same *****ty cycle we had last time. And now it's going to be even MORE complex explaining to customers what goes with what. The Learning curve on SL is already ridiculous. It's why we have no growth anymore. We can't keep lumping new things onto the pile of things a user needs to know just to get dressed.
  24. I've said this before and I'll say this again, the best way, the ONLY way to keep people from ripping your content is to remove the motivation to do so. That means good customer service, reasonable prices AND providing both System and Applier Support for anyone who might want to wear your thing. We saw huge surges in piracy when we went to mesh bodies specifically because so many products were not updated with appliers right away. To this day I'm still telling people "no, you shouldn't rip that System layer just cause you want to wear it. Ask the creator for an applier, and if they say no, find something else." As more products got Appliers, piracy went down. People, for the most part, are good and will buy and use a product legitimately as long as you don't make it too hard for them. It's another big reason I keep harping on the API. If we don't get it, people are going to be tempted back to Grey-Hat ripping because it'll be the only way to get a good system layer copy of their favorite skin. And the more people lured into "Grey-Hat" ripping for Self-Use, who will now know how to do it, the more likely one of them will turn black-hat and use the tools to grab things they've not already bought or share the things they bought with friends, or get annoyed with a creator and decide it's ok to resell those things on the MP.
  25. There is a link at the top of the page for anyone who wants to get listed. I don't actively search the Market for new omega creators. That would be madness.
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