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  1. To put it bluntly I am shy and cannot approach people so easily.  So what I am looking for is some loyal people to possibly become friends with and wanted to start here since many people use the forums.  I enjoy roleplaying, and shopping and exploring beach and nature sims.  I like to go horseback riding, surfing and dancing.  I am on secondlife at least a few hours everyday.  Anyone who may be interested just give me a shout.

  2. You people need to chill since when is stating exactly what I want being hostile and too blunt.   I am not being impolite and if being completely to the point is being rude then I don't want to be polite.  It is my right to be who I choose to be and act how I wish to be, and its also my right to defend myself when people think they know me and bash me for being not like them.  Well excuse me.

  3. Maybe I don't want to be conquered, maybe I am just sick of all the guys on here who are s confused about what they want that I have decided the best thing is to put it clearly what I want and let them decide if they can be a real man and handle a real woman.  It is strictly your opinion on what you think of my profile but it will not change what I wish to convey or how I wish to convey it.  You don't know me or why I feel the need to be so blunt and as far as im concerned you can stfu.  If I seem hostile its maybe cause im sick of people telling me how I should be and not be myself.  I will always be myself and feel it should be respected that I don't fake anything and pretend to be something im not.

  4. wow now I remember the reason I left secondlife in the first place.  But now I realise with anonymity comes ignorance and rudeness ad such hostility.  I ask a question because I worried about being ripped off and want advice and get ripped on big time.  Well I see times have not changed in secondlife.

    Way to go

  5. So I purchased lindens off of anshex and then when my e cheque went through informed them that they could send them to me now and they told me they did send them to me.  I told them I had not received them and showed them my transaction history in secondlife.  They then told me it would take 5-6 hours for them to fix whatever issue as on their end and send them to me asap.  I of course thought that was ridiculous and kept bugging them to send me my lindens.  Now they just ignore every question I have for hours now.  I have never had an issue with them sending me my lindens on time but now al of a sudden I feel scammed and they refuse to refund my money.  I did set up a dispute with paypal now so I guess I can where this goes.  Anyone else ever had an issue with anshex

  6. HI I am just starting back into secondlife and want to meet some cool fun people but cant seem to find people who do not just want sex.  I would prefer to have to girl friends who I can just be friends with and shop and hang out with.  Look me up in game and let me know if your looking for another person to add to your friend list.

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