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  1. At first I was excited about the new SL and then i started hearing more and more disturbing rumors i would like to address those rumors here. Q1. Is LL allowing problems to go uncheck in secondlife as is in order to make us move to the new SL when it arrives? Q2. I don't really have a problme with the above if its a yes, however I do have a problem with it if my stuff wont be exported to my account on it if i choose to go to this new version of SL. So my question is Will i be able to take my stuff from (specially the newly bought) onto the new SL? If so how would this work? (I'm going to be really angry if i can't because I've just spent a lot of money on the new mesh body products.. if LL doesn't plan on allowing us to move our avatars to the new game and is planning to close SL I would expect some sort of compensation for my lost inventory). Q3. Is the new SL really going to be a pay to play service? Q4. Will SL finally be adding prices in other currencies? Q5. Will this be a community minded program like the current SL? Q6. How will the new SL affect my current subscription with LL? Q7. Will LL be allowing people to sell their credits (a lot of us use sl for our bread and butter, I believe a majority of us are willing to compromise as long as the compromise is fair). I believe that was all I had for now...
  2. I'm hearing some disturbing rumors about when the new SL comes in, and I would like to know what will happen to the stuff on our account once we have to move to the new sl? I'm asking because I've spent to much time and money on this SL to want to move if I can't take my stuff with me.. and I've spent a lot of money over the years.... Thanks.... bye
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