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  1. Ha! Geez, I've been looking for one forever. There is one, in actuality, made by The Werehouse. However, it isn't nearly as good as say a KZK wolf. A few people have made their own coyotes, but I'm still looking for somebody willning to make a mod for the earlier-mentioned wolf. With the ears enlarged, it could make a very good coyote. But it seems mod artists who are doing commissions are scarce these days...
  2. I am looking to get some custom textures done based off of some current models. Somebody with experience with furry avatars is a definite plus. Base textures already in-hand and ready for editing. Please IM or message me if interested.
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deshima/127/129/2975
  4. Hey anyone interested in a sci-fi RP! Dareshi station is a prime location for an RP group. I know that there have been several posts about there not being any real sci-fi places to RP, so I went to see what I could do. After getting to know the owner and his affiliates, they have explained that they would like people to RP a sci fi setting in thair sim! The station is one of a kind, boasting several features that I won't spoil here. If you are interested, IM me or send me a message! (By the way, this RP is whatever YOU want it to be! Your input helps shape the univere, so make a character
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