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  1. Hello I have 3 parcels available up for sale. Looking to buy 1/4 of a region and looking to Sell this one either in pieces as detailed above or all together whatever your needs are I am flexible. This land is a part of the new LL continents a growing sailable region. You have access to 100s of connecting regions. SL roads that go through the entire continent is directly behind the land. Highly Coveted area. I have not set it to sell to anyone as I want to make sure it doesnt get sold from under you if you are serious, specifically if you are interested in all three. Please send me a
  2. Thank you Rachel, I have been to inverse, just last night, funny you mentioned. There are a couple there that I like, if only the upstairs of their builds had more rooms. I am wondering how hard it might be to create rooms since they are modify? I know that isnt a question for this post specifically, just thinking out loud. Still open to other suggestions, please let me know if you have any. Thanks!
  3. I have been looking for a glass house for some time now and still cant quite find what I am looking for. I have gone to all of these places (onsu, roost, diamandis, redgrave, Maya's, Taikou, Youneed, Anxiety, Cozy Homes, Galland, La Galleria, Vicious Decay, La Galleria, Trompe Loeil, and C& D Designs) but havent yet found anything that will work with my land. I am in the middle of the water (kinda) so I want a house that is mostly all windows, 2-3 levels, 3-4 bedrooms on the larger side, with no driveway and preferably no outside pool since its more of an island situation, I have a decent
  4. my inventory isnt loading all my items this is the second day says still loading 4,051 items???? I dont know what is going on but I cant even see some new stuff that I have bought AND nothing is loading I have a bunch of empty folders, and i need to reorganize my stuff! Please help.
  5. For some reason everytime I try to change anything from my inventory on to my AV I get cannot create requested inventory. I am trying to get rid of the damn oragne vapour its annoying me i wanna see my AV! this is the only way i know how to get my AV to come back its driving me nuts. I am attempting to put on the ruth outfit to get my AV back. I know SL is having issues today but I really wanna play today on my day off if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it ..... I am using firestorm viewer Thanks in advance Janelle Artista
  6. whenever i take a snapshot i choose the profile tab and when ive taken it i choose post and it always says it cannot upload to the feed... help!
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