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  1. My nipples can be seen through my clothes and my **bleep** looks like its projecting away from my body. I see the little cores where the the body part is supposed to be. Can anyone help? i tryed to reset and sync again and adjust the color.
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    HEY! I am looking for a sim that i can live on, have a baby, get married, work for lindens, but also keep have sex (in my own home of course) not in public. Somewhere popular. I need to meet some new friends. If anyone knows of such a place please let me know!
  3. If you still do not find anyone I am intrested!
  4. Hey there! My name is Sage. I want to start a family. I am looking to find a husband and get married, buy a house in a family rp sim. We will do some freaky stuff get pregnant and the whole 9 yrds. I have been lookinf for jobs so that i can buy my own house and get ready but have been unsuccesful. If any men out there want to get together please message me. thanks!
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