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  1. Hi Having an issue with joining multiple mesh objects. Ive tried every possible way that I know of to select all of the objects on my mesh model. A, Box select etc. In the pic below the model on the left consists of 18 mesh objects and looks like its all selected after I join it. If I click the "Check mesh" button it shows the same info except its 1 mesh object not 18 which is correct. The same model on the right is in Edit Mode and looks as if its all selected. Now whenever I preview in the SL viewer, I'm always missing parts as shown in the middle such as the face and legs. Depending on how I select all objects I get random missing parts. Is this a bug or some limitation? Or am I not selecting correctly? Any help appreciated !
  2. Hi I have land deeded to "Group A" I am the owner of the land and group. I want to be able to have another group administer the land security " Group B". I deed the security device to Group B in which I am the owner on my land. I give eject/freeze permissions to group members. They can't eject anyone in fact the security device does not even see other avatars only myself and Group B members. I find that totally strange. Question: Must the security device be deeded to the group that owns the land or just in one of the same groups of the land owner? I don't want other people to have access to the land owner group. I want a seperate group to admin the security. Is this even possible to do? Thanx!
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