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  1. Redoing this to be clearer: I cannot click on any of the huds I had on when I logged in yesterday. For some reason they act as if I'm in a no script region, when I'm in an area where it is allowed. I try to detatch and reattach, but that does not solve my problem. 


    This issue is happening on all the viewers I've tried: Catznip, and Firestorm. I logged onto my alt account, to see if the same thing was happening, but it was not. For some reason this bug is only affecting this account.


    However if I log onto the LL Officlal Viewer, I cannot attatch the affected items at all. 

    If I try to "Touch" the affected item, like say my AO, it won't work at all.


    Literally every scripted item I wore yesterday, when I logged in no longer works. My mesh body for example, I can't click the hud, and I can't alpha it.


    I don't know what happened, but it seems as if nobody else knows. 

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