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  1. I really don't know what my comment or question should be. I just really, really want one. Will they give us notice or just put them up and you get what you get? Edit: I'm asking because I already have a blow up pool. 😜
  2. Uhhh.. the word I see is all. I guess I just cannot fathom having multiple premium memberships. But thank you for the insight
  3. So I abandoned my Utopia Point HB today. It was too locked inland by piers for my taste. I was surrounded by at least 4 HB's with no visible owners. Does anyone have an idea why there are so many HB's sitting empty?
  4. This rambling question is for people who drop homes like flies . After a couple weeks of refresh I snagged a houseboat a few days ago, but seeing the nuclear towers tells me that trailer parks are coming. 😜 Is it just a grab for whatever timezone it drops? I hate to spend time making this home when I know I want something else.
  5. Very, very belated, but quit the cranky and join the encourage
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