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  1. haha, I tried to click it
  2. Whenever it releases, I'm gonna have to do that big internal debate, Trailer life or Boat life. EXCITED! It's gonna be like a tornado of housing. I hope I have the day off!
  3. Umm... are all those trailers?? If so I hope they are busting butt to do a release tomorrow so they have a super long weekend off. Oh nevermind. There's no green dots/moles working Edit: there was a weird pink blob a couple weeks ago and it went away to become normal houses.
  4. That is so lovely! I would almost be happy with a house along a pretty river like that, but gimme a trailer and I REALLY would be happy 😜
  5. Oh I hope they get Friday off because I have tomorrow off. Here's hoping they get a looooong weekend!
  6. That sounds fun and I actually have off! They deserve it. They are making my trailer that I might get next year if I'm lucky.
  7. In the video for the hair fair 2019... What is the top Sasy Scarborough is wearing? I saw it once upon a time and was broke. Not broke ATM and would love to get it. The top is on the video. Not in the first pic. It is the lower open back draped top in the actual video.
  8. Do you, Oh keeper of the data, have any records for Thursday releases if any? It's my only weekday off for the next few weeks so would love to have any input to slightly (haha) up my chances. Plus I need to know how many energy drinks to have in the fridge.
  9. It's too late! I am already excited. It's gonna be a frenzy when they release which is the exiting part. But thank you so much for the current pics and input. Now I think ssp 213-215 (honorable mentions to 29-31) are all the best places. You get neighbors with water access (if they are awesome) or neighbors with blow up pools (which is also awesome).
  10. This is going to be torture till Thursday when I finally have a day off and hoping there is a release that day of Trailers (dreaming) or houseboats. Congrats to everyone here who gone a home today!
  11. No i finally got smart and found a post about auto refreshers for chrome. never knew such a thing existed. lol
  12. It just was not my thing. I think I got ruined for it when I went looking around the new areas and saw those houseboats.
  13. It's very surrounded by piers. I just didn't care for it.
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