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  1. Devil Catfish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagarius_yarrelli
  2. This is making me want to pack up and move! I'm in a great location, but the house is on an odd angle making a lot of things I want to do annoying.
  3. That's why I use my roller skates.. to easily get off the road! Though I just got a banana horse. Have not tried it yet though.
  4. That's very true. I didn't even think about it that way. Thanks for the answers. I think I'm just gonna stay put in this house for now then. Back to decorating!
  5. What about the prim allotment?
  6. Is there any confirmation that the trailers will in fact be smaller lots with smaller prim allowance? Smaller lot I can deal with, less prims, not so much.
  7. So I snagged a traditional in a great place (Walrus Beach with no walrus but still amazing) while waiting for a trailer and I have to say, I truly hope the customizing is better than in the houses. The houseboats get to choose trim, window shade colors and such. Houses, nope. It's my sole disappointment with the houses.
  8. ugh. terrified to take the chance of letting go of a house since i finally got one. great place though... so tempting!
  9. Welcome! Welcome to the wonderful Club De Refreshing. I suggest you stop at the chrome snack app bar and get yourself a tasty auto refresher treat. While there please do look over this entire thread. I would point to this that and the other, but there is honestly so much good advice, just take your own notes. You should know though, that there is a current frenzy of moles building so waves of releases are expected over the next month or so. I think this thread and SSP are the two most informed.
  10. Who knew I could click that fast so early in the morning! Anywho, gonna go explore the area now. Congrats to everyone who got a place today!
  11. I snagged a house in Walrus Beach. Not a houseboat, but very close to the ocean. It looks like an active area too. I look forward to hopping on my scooter after work for a look about. I'll make it a home until after the trailer rush is over and I can get one of those. Hehe. Good luck to everyone today if they do releases.
  12. There's a dragon in SSP350.. Wait it's an alligator eating a dragon?
  13. Thanks! sent the yes. Here's hoping for tomorrow, but I'm in the the long run 😜
  14. So I just tried (from fresh start) to refresh repeatedly for my 10 limit. I got 8. I have been trying this randomly for about 6 days now and it's always 8. Is this because sometimes use a refresher addon even when I do not use it? I'm fickle, sometimes I use it sometimes I do not. I even make sure to logout regularly. I clean sweep daily and such, but it's still always 8. What am I doing wrong?
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