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  1. thank you, i appreciate the apologize, i generally look and want positiveness in here and on myself, i do like the photos of me that were shared they are awesome
  2. can you do me a favor, please look threw whats being said and take it from my prospective, i generally like the positive comments but some of the comments i read i was not really happy for, but im use to it, but i like the photos and id rather have more positive feed back rather then negative towards me
  3. " But if someone like that would LIVE in a region and insist to wander about like that I wouldn't like it at all and I guess I'm not the only one to feel that way. " i have common sense to others and i would not be my large form in public unless others want to see it or im in a area that allows it
  4. i caused no harm, but i think she just is uderly rude and ignorant about something not involving or in her way, maybe she hates furries or something ? to be honest i was doing my own thing, i shown a av to a friend for a few minutes on THEIR property and changed back to my extra small size aka normal size, and did my own thing ive never heard of the bay of fourze but if you want i could like walk and stand around in a open area for you ? XD
  5. okay now i think your just harassing me now
  6. hahahaha if only i was able too, but id rather not be rude, i was being nice cause i was showing off a avatar that i hardly use but i use it in different types of sims ment for giants hahahaha why thank you very much for being polite about it too, i saw some shock in your face but you were also interested of how i got so big ! your look said please dont sneeze or step on me 😧 hahaha but i had a nice time showing you a few of my forms 😄 i use to be into vore a long long time ago, but now i kinda got bored of it hahahaha x3 and yes i am no harm, i just do my own thin
  7. I would really love to bring all my stuff from SL to SL2 cause of how much time and money i spent on SL it would heart break me to see that im unable to do that, do to the fact that i spent over a couple grand on sl :c
  8. i have windows 8 and phonex and SL viewer wont work on my laptop
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