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  1. perhaps you can ask in the fish hunt group? They will know these things by heart, here is more the place for SL related questions.
  2. subject already says it.. why do some helpers post answers when the exact or same answer already is given by another resident?
  3. in the first time after the second names were dropped the one-namers indeed often were seen as ...lets say nice... newbies... by the double-namers. And still.... a 3 year old resident is often seen as younger than a 3 year old double named avatar. i am still very happy having a double-name on my account(s)
  4. you show here the 4th tab of the about land window, but did you set the parcel to the group at the first tab? 4th tab settings are a bit useless without that. Only owner overrides it in that case. (even when solved, adding options can be usefull for later searches
  5. i think it's not lag as we mostly talk about here but might be your machine isnt able to run both the same time. what's your machine specs? that makes more clear than only the graphics.
  6. just a little question in between.... about how many L$ are we talking here?
  7. before you join any clan start with reading the webpage www.slbloodlines.com there's a lot info there about how it should be played ( lot of vampires/clans think the rules/guidelines don't apply to them)
  8. the limit of 60 days isn't written in TOS or any rule, it's something lot of people use to be more or less sure the employee has some basic skills in sl. When you can convince the owner of a club that you'r a good dj, your age won't be a big problem. But keep also in mind, some clubs more or less expect you have a kind of fanbase to join in the parties.(= visitor traffic = higher ranking for the club)
  9. it's allowed to buy and sell breedables as many you want, that's the whole purpose of them(for breeders, for the creators the food and other supplies are $$$).... i doubt if it's wise to buy cheap cats, or what other kind of animal, those are low traited ones, they are cheap for a reason. Big chance you invest 50 into this bad ones and won't even sell it for 5 or less.... Better try breeding better ones, and put that on the market. Many people are doing this for several years, try to find a group, there are dozens .., you'll learn a lot in a fast way instead of finding out all tricks by yourself.
  10. Syo Emerald wrote: Basically a blooddoll is another poor victim of the Bloodlines-moneytrap. The blooddoll is someone who stays "human" in the gamesystem, but agrees to feed a vampire or lycan with their blood. The vampire needs this blood, because he/she is either forced to buy blood from the system or to bite people. I think it can be compared a little to the food a breedable needs. To avoid biting strangers or buying blood vampires seek for blooddolls. Sounds good, right? But here's the downside: The blooddoll will need to buy special apples and such to remain human and I think they also need to buy one of the bloodlines huds. So basically the vampires gets rid of extrabloodcosts and the blooddoll pays the fun. Very constructive post, if people want to play bloodlines, let them do it! Didn't you buy your elf ears? ...thé commercial elf-ear-moneytrap... poor girl you stepped into that..:matte-motes-evil-invert: for all information about bloodlines: www.slbloodlines.com
  11. the SL viewer seems to deteriorate with age. It's not seems... and it's not sl viewer most likely your pc isn't keeping up with the development of sl, or your isp's bandwidth is perhaps not enough there are so many reasons that make rezzing slower: bad wireless, drawdistance, graphic settings, to high bandwidth in the settings, and of course low end graphic cards will never give you full capabilities for viewing sl.
  12. ... come share your knowledge instead of "i know how it works..." as if your contribution did give the solution..Oh wait.No you didn't.... Sonja did help inworld as she told, Judge people on what they do, not on what you think they do.
  13. perhaps it's me... but where did the OP write the sim is offline? for me it says the friendslist isnt working
  14. do you perhaps have a display name with special characters?, i heared about people having problems with that when logging in. In that case, change it to normal characters at your accountpage. In addition, there are a lot of changes going on on sl these days about rendering and ssb, your weak connection could have keeping you running till now, but with the changes it's to much to handle.
  15. i think bandwith is the magic word in this matter even on normal pc's the avatar is often last what stays a cloud for a while, imagine what it does on a mobile device with limited graphics
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