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  1. Thank you all i finally got it working !!!
  2. oh ? for me i did understand what he said ( HOPEFULLY lol ) and i uploaded my DAE even tho with no AO map just to test if the picture would show fully and it did .. its flipped but that can be fixed i'll just flip it in the uv'ing .. but i baked the AO map ( with overlapping faces ) and just like i expected the AO map ... wont do it  everything worked fine the pic is fully showen now still have AO map issue .. ( overl apping faces)
  3. just a Question ! how would u bake the AO map .. cause of the overlapping faces ...
  4. hello all. i've read this https://gyazo.com/cde601688d3014d80da7ab5413f79599 from top to bottom but i still dont get it !! i know my way around blender pretty well i think but i think i get lost in this one !! anytime i try to make a mesh frame .. the face where i drop my picture still doesnt show the picture i drop in it properly its always half and stuff ... can someone explain this to me one more time ? :(
  5. Hello there everyone :) so i was wondering if some experienced users/pros can tell me if Texturing a Mesh in Maya will look better than texturing in blender cause i think there is a quality difference ! also is blender limited when it comes to texturing ? when it comes to secondlife ofcourse because blender has a nice node system but only a small portion of it could be used for Secondlife ! sadly ! oki thank you hope to hear from all of you!
  6. Hello i waned to make a lamp in blender .... when i got don i remembered that i actually need a light for it -_- !! so does anyone know how i can do that ? i have tried adding a cript to it inworld but i have no clue how to go on about doing that ! also do i need to add a prim inworld to add light ? and is it only possible inworld ? ! tyy cant wait to hear some answers
  7. thank you so so much it fixed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs
  8. Hello again !!! i'm getting an issue when i try to scale or reside the mesh object the textures dont resize with it ... any thoughts ?
  9. i have red alot of threads about this one but i really cant seem to find a good answer for it ! just some details ! i made the mesh in blender it is not a download . the name doesnt contains # its just letters. the blend file is in my desktop! i would love some help please
  10. you guy !! thank you for all the help ! i finally made it work and figured out the process ! i was missing ALOT of steps !!
  11. hello i have trie that but noting at all the textures still look very flat and boring i'm pretty sure i'm missing something or i'm doing something wrong cause there has to be a way to do the bake ^properly heres what i end up with when i bake full render no AO at all and if i wanted to tint my AO map i would have just bought a full perm and did it frustrating really ! i would love to if someone took a look at my blender file maybe i'm doing something wrong
  12. ...yes i understand how to do that ... but that will only serve as a " tint " for my mesh .. what i want to know is how can i bake the textures in blender and have the same result ? . textures and shadows " full rendered "
  13. thank you all it was a bad build i think so i just deleted it and started working on it again we'll c what happened
  14. Hello i finally got the modeling part or building part on blender figured out that was the easy part ... now the texturing is giving me a hard time !! super super frustrating !! i'm sure people have been through this before but i thought i'd make a thread out of it ! first of all here a picture to just see where am at ! as you can see or maybe tell thats only an ambient occlusion bake which if you ask me look okay since i want to use black and grey for it BUT !!! whenever i apply my textures they just wont bake with the dark edges and shadows you see in the picture above :(
  15. i think that was it thank you for pointing that out but i guess i didnt know what to do cause whenever i used one material for 2 spots .. when i went inworld and tried to drag and drop a texture in a single frame ... the spots i used the same material on both take that texture if it makes any sense ...
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