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  1. Weird doesn't seem to work, I just tested it with the new V5 script? Do you by any chance got link to their discord because support is the ones who told me this wouldn't work anymore as I tried it :\.
  2. I did this in the past it used to work but with the new Maitreya Auto Hide system it doesn't work anymore because of changes made to the Maitreya, and both creators refuse to fix the items simply because it's a gacha when the merchants could have simply put down a gacha exchanger in t he store to exchange copy permission or deliver updates if required to people who had gachas.
  3. Yes you basically have to put on maitreya hud, and hide it manually, and then if you wwant to swap something or like quickie Mistress / DOM thing and strip naked (Hold on gotta reset my alphas). Which is why they created auto feature and TBH it's worked wonders over the years. But as I had a talk with the creators of Maitreya about this they provide the tools just lazy *Censored* don't want to use them it seems, like even I can generate the scripts using the tools the providee everyone but without mod right I can't drop inside to fix.
  4. I getcha, it just feels so stupid that the merchants can't simply let me take a screen-shot of it and give modify perm so I can fix it myself, or fix it themselves and send an update to those requesting it, like it doesn't take any time at all to throw in the proper alpha script and be done with it. Most the reputable gacha merchants I know would fix it for me but seems to be a few i've run into that wont. I mean after all playing directly from vendors and spending huge amount of cash is what allows them to stay in business.
  5. I usually only get them directly from the merchants becuase i'd rather support their amazing creations than buy from 3rd parties some of which like to abuse an exploit to mass duplicate them, and on top of that I know it hasn't been modified in any way :P. It's just sad two of these merchants one which seems to be really high profile can't even offer a fix to a problem i've had for 3 years on an older gacha lol.
  6. Should the merchant not include an actual notecard that says "It lacks the Auto Hide feature", instead of misleading customers into belief that it's fully compatible with Maitreya? Even if that was the case there is no excuse for a merchant in 2017 using outdated scripts then refusing to fix broken item. It's really disturbing to have merchants who refuse to provide updates to customers when they sale broken items with no corse for refund / delete items from inventory when you run into a merchant doing this.
  7. Without giving names of the specific people, how does one deal with "Bad Customer Service" / Merchants who provide broken Gachas? **RE** Katia, I bought this Gacha in 2017, around the time it first came out (Every Piece Whole Set) spent over 10k Linden I believe. Basically to this day the merchant is still selling the same Gacha to my knowledge based on the (Demo) in his store running Outdated Maitreya Auto Hide Scripts, so basically the product will Alpha your body on attachment, but not Auto Un-Hide when you take it off because they failed to update the scripts prior to release of the
  8. When are we going to get (Custom) Last Names, obviously within reason of community standards? ^ I kinda like my names to match. Had a friend change their name recently to get away from people, but I am going to assume that avatar UUID stays the same, so in theory a person logging avatar Key / Name, can easily find everyone changing their name? As well as ban lists on a username change user remains ban due to UUID staying same?
  9. Full GF Sim For Rent 20k Prims 14k Week Set your own rules, no Coventant other than LL TOS.
  10. 2x Adult land parcels 4 rent. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Submission/17/116/21 1200 L$ / Week - Land Size 3072 SQM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Submission/160/123/21 1700 L$ / Week - Land Size 4320 SQM
  11. I agree with this, but how can I point out the issue to Creators of Second Life, & or TPV Developers. I am not sure if the attachments are based off the Viewer being used, or Second Life server code, but it would be great to have at least up towards 70 attachments maybe 100, but if not just having even 50 would be of a great help and why? Because I am constantly hitting 38 attachments, especially with using Mesh Bodies, and things like Jewelry, Nipple Attachments, and heads like Catwa, which require 3 attachment spots for just a head vs TMP, which only takes 1 attachment spot.
  12. Parcel for rent on friends sim... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Submission/98/214/22 Region Name "Submission" Region Rating, "Adult" Price 1700 per week. Land Size 4800 Friendly & Quiet community, come check it out.
  13. Thanks, but to try to answer a few things that might help. . The GPU Program I am running detects GPU Usage, or Core Clock Speed, as well as Temperature, and FB Usage. When I am just using Second Life it shows no more than around 17-30 % Usage but always usually below 20% compared to if I were playing another game such as Star Craft, or Fire Fall, this is when my GPU will go up to full usage and the performance is a lot better than in Second Life. . In Second Life I have tried to lower my draw distance to as little as 48 meters which my FPS doesn't go above 25 FPS usually unless like in a c
  14. 1.) I am looking to build a new computer for Second Life, I built a computer about 5 years ago and its fairly old, while the computer generally runs great when I play games which demand graphics I generally have no problems except for newer games like "Fire Fall" or " Ever Quest Next" even then I think for this type of computer build it does good being 5 years old, and given the fact my old board went out and I replaced it which maybe the reason I am having a problem with Second Life. Anyways my problem with Second Life, is Textures which load into memory then go blurry ra
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