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  1. as premium acct holder, want to purchase abandoned adjacent to already owned land on mainland...how to i do that?
  2. Where is all this coming from! Gor is what you make it! Whatever role you wish to play is up to you. I have been in Gor for over 4 years! I am not lesbian nor a sex kitten. Play the way you want! If you don't want be involved in a certain roleplay....Don't! Like most things in life in even this second one you are the one that decides what you wish and do not wish to be a part of! Btw, am a Panther...for now...just enjoy the game of Gor. I have met some good ppl and some not so great ppl.. Just like in RL!
  3. I am new to the land auction process. How do I pay for land that I won the bid on? I thought my acct would just be charged the amount but that hasn't happened yet.. the land I won has not been assigned to me yet. Anyone have any answers? Thanks!
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