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  1. Wow, I wasn't aware the 2020 Home & Garden Expo was exactly what I had in mind. It is so wonderfully and tastefully done & I certainly would recommend you to view both demo regions! Hopefully LL will incorporate this mix of homes into future regions 🤞
  2. Just an idea, has anybody else wished for a region release of intermingled themed homes? I know there are currently regions with trads/houseboats, trads/campers, and maybe etc. but those are geographically separated within the region. I am referring to walking down the street and seeing a victorian, traditional, & maybe one of the new themes to come (if they play well together) lol but essentially this is just a random idea i've always thought this would be a cool set-up since the introduction of varying themes in Bellisseria. I do love the sense of uniformity of homes currently in Bellisserian "neighborhoods", but if done artistically and thoughtfully I feel like intermingled themed homes would be fun and something different. Similar to real life where some communities allow varying home styles while still creating a beautifully done neighborhood, I could see the same in Bellisseria, or at-least hope to see it one day
  3. Ready for these new theme hints from Patch
  4. About how many more region releases until the next victorian release? (i'm assuming this estimation is based off of the order of the SSPE list?)
  5. Has anybody discerned how homes are released on new regions or have any speculations? I'm referring to the order homes are claimed, like is it truly random or is there a pattern?
  6. "When did you last see a Bellisserian home available?"
  7. How thoughtful, good company is always a beautiful thing 🙌
  8. Same 2 homes in Lockwood & Earnshaw being perpetually caught & abandoned .. lol just a heads up, don't be like me & waste all 5 attempts circulating between the two 🥴
  9. At this point this thread has become so farcically hypothetical it's really quite amusing 😂💀 Jokes or pure absurdity, idk but either way this was the laugh I needed at work. Thanks Moles & everyone
  10. Yes this is true, but hopefully this forum will help document a few of these occurrences. At the time, this was a couple of days before Christmas & I was more preoccupied with my rl and did not have time to take away from work, friends & family to even log on, much less file a report for a LH. Honestly, that was the LEAST of my worries. However, now that I have more time perhaps I will file a report.
  11. I've experienced the same. Just for clarification, I logged off at my home & later logged back on to "my" parcel & I noticed the name of my land was different. I checked the "About Land" section & to my surprise the owner was no longer me, and it was now owned by someone else! I know for a FACT I did not abandon before I logged, because although the parcel was not my "dream beach home" it did have a pretty flower garden and driveway so I was just going to settle in for a while as it was my 5th attempt and the availability of Victorians was dwindling down at the time. (This was during the release of the new Victorian's during sometime in December, when the releases were being timed seemingly sporadically throughout the days.) When I logged back on the next day, I was bummed bc I no longer had a home AND there weren't any Victorians displayed on the land page. I never filed a report bc I just took it at as a sign that maybe that wasn't the home for me & this was sort of a forced way to keep home hunting & I doubted that anything would have come from telling LL BUT it was super uncalled for 😪
  12. Today from my memory i've seen them release Mallory, Bridesmere, and Red Hook in that order (other regions too but i can't keep up lol). Surely not releasing in alphabetical order right now
  13. I got one in Lockwood, but haven't dared to try again as to not recatch it, but I watched one person catch it, abandon it, and then get a home in Bridesmere. I really would like to know how this system works lol
  14. This is what I was getting at. Not sure of the origin of the victorian homes, but I know LL has been very receptive to customer demand & maybe .. just MAYBE they even take into account our considerations for possible themes! This could mean my dream of one day living in a spanish style villa or even an italiante linden home might come true 😍🤞
  15. Does anyone know if the idea of the victorian theme was originally requested by a SL user or was it thought up by the LL team & put into fruition?
  16. Which is why I love Bellisseria, we all have our personal views, and why there is a home out there for each and every one of us. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
  17. Unfortunately it is an abandoned that happened too close to release that has been cycling through many users hand. Hopefully it will be the one for you though!
  18. Aww congrats, happy to hear you are now apart of the Belli community!
  19. This honestly was the most unique and amazing Bellisserian HOME (traditionals, houseboat's, and trailers/campers combined) I have ever come across! I would definitely recommend everyone find this gem, and hopefully you will be lucky enough to meet the amazing owner! She is just as lovely as her home. ❤️
  20. seemed to have come across a green toxic waterfall in SSPE238 https://gyazo.com/f03b207512d36637658739ba0cb36631
  21. Yet, another example of a failed attempt at abandoning a dream home on an alt & trying to catch it on a main account. 😭💀 10/10 would NOT recommend lol
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