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  1. I was referring to a couple of traditionals i've seen pop up on my land page. I'm not in-world to see
  2. How do you block somebody on a forum...? (asking for a friend) 😅
  3. Either a dumping ground or the possible future location of the train station at SSPE185 right now. There are camels, a goat, nuke, water tower, rail station, rail handcar, railway track and trackbeds.. very random tbh.
  4. Same, just abandoned a beautiful corner home in Rothacker. So never say never, & keep up hope guys
  5. Discovered a new implementation of Linden homes in Foxbridge (previously SSPE170) possibly for .. fairies or birds maybe? 😆jk
  6. Being that we are all adults here, another one simply bites the dust. Sweetmarsh has already been released & i’m actually quite happy that a lot of people who for various reasons haven’t been able to get a home actually got a home due to the spontaneity! Idk, I sometimes imagine someone who is elderly or maybe not as quick w technology or maybe just in a RL area with slower connection, but who pay their premium and would love to join the community but with the competitive environment they really struggle to snag one. I loved the region Sweetmarsh, but i’m genuinely happy for everyone that has a home there and the other regions as well. There are plenty more beautiful and unique regions to be released in the near future & abandons pop up everyday. I believe patience, positivity, and the luck of the draw will get everyone their dream home one day 🤗
  7. I bet some people regret complaining about monthly releases in the grand scheme of things lol honestly 700 homes a month later is actually not bad AT ALL.
  8. Interesting question, I never thought about how they prepared for their first release of homes, or even if the demand was this high for homes back then?
  9. wow, beyond gorgeous!
  10. Hey guys, what is the link to the discord for discussion?
  11. Lol definitely not banking on someone to relinquish their beachfront property 😂 More-so trying to keep an eye on regions to see which one looks promising and try to keep an eye on it to prepare for a region release & hope for the best.
  12. Quick question, what region is likely to be released today? I’m waiting on a region that I will love (most likely with a lot of beachfront opportunities) before I abandon my house boat.
  13. do you think those were abandoned homes or the new sim?
  14. I gave up a home in Willow Heights that is 1 house down from the beach about 30 minutes ago. It has not gone back into the available Linden homes pool as of now, but congrats to whoever snags it
  15. hey what sim is this? looks like it will be promising!
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