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  1. " I really like your XYZ, can you do a little custom version for me? I am willing to pay..."
  2. 2 minutes but they still get charged the full hour.
  3. Yes Oh was a third option available? Or are they mutually exclusive? Can we chat in group and be hanging out (whatever that means - possibly along the side of dating)
  4. Well I tried. As far as can be deciphered it thinks: All clubs are run by one granny who is only in it to conjugate with acne cellar dwellers because of marriage.And they are all the same person. As it used grabbing a stream IP. So it must be true (it has evidence yer Honour!!) 18-25. 'nuff said. Its an improvement on Club 18-30 though. "treetops and banana diets are bad" True I prefer other fruit indoors. "All the wrong people signed up for all the wrong reasons". Yep thats me oh wait.... I think it likes that "wifebashers wouldn't be discriminated". And it seems that its confused abo
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