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  1. Word of mouth helps but it tends to follow cliques. Just make sure the area is searchable and people can search for it easily. Do everyone a favor too and don't just throw in keywords. I lose track of how many times I've been aggrivated when a search for modern or urban pulls up gorean roleplay.
  2. Is it me or is one of the biggest hindrances to finding RP now on SL the fact that a lot of the newer ones have little to no advertising? I've seen quite a few start up that I was almost unable to find on search. Many times I'd hear of an RP sim only to find out it was closing due to lack of interest which I believe is due to not enough people knowing it exists. It seems easier to find RP areas just by randomly hanging out in areas and checking group profiles. I think it's time for Linden Labs to overhaul their Destination guide or offer us a better resource in advertising and searching for various areas on SL. With that said, I've been looking for some modern day city RP in SL, and a good chunk of the ones I could find were barren and/or dead. With City of Canton closing after barely a week, there's no option out there it seems. And I've tried City of Phoenix, but all four sims are often empty and the admins there are practically nonexistent (with the exception of Stacy who, bless her heart, doesn't seem to have the tools to keep it running by herself). Any suggestions?
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