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  1. The items I am wanting are for outfits I am creating to sell, so the full perm is needed. However not all full perm items are 5000L. I have gotten a lot of decent ones on marketplace for far less, most around 200-1000L.
  2. I am looking for someone to create some full perm rigged mesh clothing items and some boots. I would need them full perm and would like them to be good quality and somewhat detailed. I can provide images for the items I am looking for and would want the items in the standard sizes with the AO and shadow maps at the least. If I like the work and the person was interested I'd be willing to come to them with my many other projects. I don't mind if the creator also sells them to others, I just lack the 3d modeling skill to make the mesh items I want. :) Please im me if interested and I am online, if I am offline the ims will be sent to my email but to be safe also send a notecard. Thank you, Alyjak
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