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  1. We all do. This is a tense time for all of us, those with health problems, those with loved ones with health problems, elderly relatives and young pregnant mothers. Also so many people's livelihoods gone. I am healthy, my job is secure so I am lucky. May this thing disappear soon as a threat. Meanwhile bit of escapism is good for you xx
  2. Getting excited just looking at the map
  3. With everything being up in the air right now across the world, Sl takes me away from the worries and disappointments this virus has created. i always used SL as a bit of distraction at times but now more than ever. I am a staff nurse RL so I expect to have to work more hours and may not be around much over the coming weeks and might miss the log homes but I expect there will be more in the future and other themes. However I caught this little beauty after work last night and it just feels like spring. I haven't started to play with it yet except for placing a porch and some daffodils in the garden. But the parcel is so pretty and yet again it shows that a dream home can be acquired through abandons. So don't worry if you don't make releases ❤️
  4. I'm in the group but don't follow the chat even when I am inworld. However I don't think anyone should be forced to be in a group made by a resident to receive information from LL. I doubt Patch was using the group in an official way. He is also a SL resident isn't he? I looked back in the chat and I was inworld, it seems, when someone mentioned losing their house and he said that 'sucked' and they were looking into it. The thing that concerns me is that you can lose your home and be offered no explanation as to why or even an acknowledgement that it happened. However, I am sure it will be sorted and I wouldn't want a big fuss made as it could have been a little mistake by an individual that caused it. So far in Bellisseria all the Linden lab workers have done an excellent job, so what really would suck was someone feeling terrible about 1 little mistake after all the good work. Or worse getting into trouble over it.
  5. I'm all out of tries sadly. Nice of you to try and to offer x
  6. So disappointing. I didnt get to log in to see mine but it was on a corner near the tracks. Darn! If they can tell who had them I wonder why they didnt just allocate them to those people instead of re releasing. Anyhoo log homes soon x
  7. Just my luck. Mostly I miss releases but was on a break at work and just happened to click at the right time (or wrong time as it turned out). I was so pleased I caught one during a release lol
  8. I got a nice looking plot in Edgemere earlier using my husbands account but now when I looked on the land page, it has gone Did that happen to everyone who got parcels there?
  9. They did a roll back and it went online again but unfortunately back to the previous Collabor88 offerings. So I guess all the creators have to set their stalls up again. It said in group it would be 24 hours so I think it should open in around 4 hours time or so.
  10. Yes the first time the bride appeared was shortly after I aquired the parcel. Perhaps it became somewhere they logged in and out. However they never moved or spoke at all unless they logged in just to chat in im and didnt bother about surroundings. Odd they dressed like a bride though lol
  11. The griefer isn't wearing a wedding dress by any chance? I had one in my houseboat just standing there in a wedding dress with bouquet. I don't use a security system. So I put the Linden system in my boat and she was ejected to the rocks outside my houseboat but stayed there. I just blocked her so it was just a grey figure but I gave the houseboat up anyway. People are strange.
  12. I had one in Lantana, along that row. I totally loved the tracks at the front and the access to Peace canyon at the back. I gave it up, thinking the new theme homes were being released soon. I had to force myself to give that one up and pressed the abandon button through gritted teeth 😕
  13. Maybe this one I caught? I'm gonna hang on to it, as there are lots of flowers around and it has a nice vibe. Plus I feel like decorating something.
  14. Yes Highmarket. Yours is definitely a keeper, thats one beautiful parcel.
  15. Lovely poem. When I have a houseboat it is always called after some character from the Odyssey. Usually Poseidon or Calypso.
  16. I went with a gothic theme in my Victorian and named it accordingly. It is called Villa Diodati. The real life version in Switzerland was were some of the famous gothic horror stories such as Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein' was spawned. Sometimes I name my home in relation to the name of the region they are situated in. My home in Toads Hollow was themed around 'The Wind in the Willows' and was named Wild Wood Cottage.
  17. I caught my Victorian 18th December. It is on a sort of little island with 6 Victorian homes and linked to a larger mass of land by bridges. In the centre of the island is a little park with a fountain. At the front I have the little park with fountain and at the back just sea. I really like all the homes I have had. There has always been something about them and the area they are in that I love. I just like moving but I will keep my Bellisseria Victorian for a long time I think. Graphics aren't great as I am on my laptop.
  18. I especially like the 'Native Spirit' stuff, particularly the brown leather sofa. Its gorgeous. Looks real.
  19. I picked up a few things playing Gatchas at Artisan Fantasy. I was lucky to get a 'rare', the bed, on my third attempt. Pity they are no copy though.
  20. 1. The lovely landscaping in the various themes. 2. The Covenant which ensures Belli stays beautiful.
  21. Thank you for posting this. I hadn't heard they were having a sale. I love their stuff. I went earlier and it was lagging and some things were not appearing but the second time it was better and I was able to get lots of the things I wanted.
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