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  1. I've abandoned lots of homes but not one of them did I not think was beautiful. I enjoyed the hopping around because I have always done that in SL. I rarely stayed anywhere very long even when I bought mainland I usually just abandon rather than wait on selling. I think I have a gypsy soul lol so its hardly surprising that when I really fell in love with a home, it was a trailer, near a water fall and river alongside. This time I'm home I might even stay a few weeks lol But trailers are the homes for me.
  2. I've never used it and don't even listen to it. Its irritating and it ruins all my illusions of fairies, dragons,, cool people etc to find they sound just like the annoying person beside you on the train to work. Gutteral and nasal noises, background noise, coughs, sneezes, etc I can do without. I have mostly lost the fascination with dancing in SL but when I did I usually played my own music as I have better taste than most of the DJs I have come across 😏 I do like the ambiant noises of birds etc on some sims so would sometimes turn media on for that but mostly all my media is off.
  3. I love the Adams house but also wanted a balcony so I got a little porch add on from MP and put a platform on top and added steps. Not the most aesthetically pleasing but I got my balcony I also have the 'Blushed Living' (I think its called) room divider thing cos I wanted a bathroom.
  4. Remember back in the day when things were lagging and your AV hadn't rezzed yet, you were either a cloud or a 'Ruth'? How things have moved on ....
  5. I got a beach front traditional at last (in Badger Beach) but I am loving the waterfront camper I have with my husbands account. I intended downgrading his account if I got a nice traditional or camper with my own account. Might have to keep both accounts premium now lol BTW for anyone who refreshes manually. I have been trying since Thursday and not a single house, camper or HB showed for me. I just realised tonight that Bellisseria is not showing as top of the list anymore.
  6. Is there somewhere you can see what people have been doing with this?
  7. I love exploring Bellisseria both above and below water, and finding all the little touches and off the beaten path places the moles have made for us. I have been following the railway on my scooter and also found a little log cabin in the mountains in Sheldon.
  8. I remember the days of torturing prims lol
  9. I found it difficult to get caravan type furniture. Wish I had persevered with Blender and could make my own.
  10. I keep changing my camper type. I love them all but some offer more challenges when furnishing. I was driving around the camper areas last night and really the moles have outdone themselves. So beautiful everywhere.
  11. I am letting my houseboat in Alala go in 5 mins, 2.38 SL time. . I will try for a traditional or drop premium on my account now I have a trailer I am happy Its a nice spot with just sea out one end and sea with land out the other. The Slurl is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alala/125/75/22
  12. Oh these are fab. Just got one. Keep your pets in! 😂 Love the headlights and engine noise.
  13. I'm loving what everyone has done with their trailers. The landscaping where the trailers are is beautiful. I managed to grab one in Decker using my husbands AV (he doesn't really come inworld) on a lovely little spot with water on 3 sides (one side temporarily as clearly another sim will be added. I wasn't around when the trailers were released so mine clearly was one that someone gave up. I have a houseboat in Alala with sea back and front using my own AV account. I live by the sea in real life so am happy I eventually got lucky after much trying. Might at some point give up the boathouse for a traditional as I just love the choice of houses. Decisions decisions 😜
  14. Ahh thank you. Just went and right clicked on it and it said exactly that, region centre point
  15. Does anyone know what these large green markers mean? This is just down from the recently released houseboats on Alala. It is another batch of houseboats on neighbouring sim SSPE192. They look ready to go apart from two of the HBs which have these green markers and the two pink and blue objects (which look like poseballs). I guess the area is named before release so these won't go in the next few days? Nice spot though, which like the HBs at Alala have water back and front. BTW I have cycled, scootered, air ballooned, sailed and walked through many of the new linden home areas and I think all the parcels are really lovely and clearly a lot of work and thought has gone into the homes and the landscaping.
  16. I got that one. I didn't particularly want a housboat as I was trying for a traditional on the coast but think I will stop house hopping as I am loving the houseboat and where it is situated.
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