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  1. Good question. Sounds like we should spread the word that SL needs more non-human bento mesh bodies and heads.
  2. I've been trying to find skins for non-human children but have had no luck whatsoever. Specifically, I want to put together an orc child/teen, age 10-14. In addition to that, I want to find someplace that accepts both orcs and children. Normal family themed sims will probably not accept orcs, and most fantasy/medieval sims will not accept children. Anybody have any ideas where a person could RP as an orc child? Anybody know where I could find an orc child AV?
  3. What is with all these vampire "games"? I have a huge list of AVs that I play around with, including a vampire, but I don't need some stupid RP system to tell me if I'm a vampire or not. In fact, one time, I was RPing a vampire, and some other vampire walked up to me and told me that I was human because his Bloodlines told him so. People seem to have forgotten what the word "roleplay" actually means.
  4. Let me show you a few screenshots to show you what I am referring to. The first screenshot is an actual Draenei model from WoW, courtesy of wowhead's model viewer. Notice the angle of her leg below the knee and then the distance between the ankle and the ground. The next two screenshots are from the Pixel Junk "Mia's Thick Hoof" and Catseye "Ultra Hooves", respectively. Notice that the angle from the knee to the ankle is very subtle, nowhere near as much as the draenei model. Then, the distance between the ankle and the ground is too short. The draenei model shows the distance from the knee to the ankle and the ankle to the ground is roughly the same. While these sets of hooves are very well made, they don't quite match what I was hoping for.
  5. Those hooves look pretty decent and fit the body really well. My only issue with them as the knee doesn't quite look right. Maybe it's too low? I might still pick them up and try them out.
  6. I decided that I want to create a Draenei AV. I'm going with Maitreya body, I have a nice blue skin applier picked out for it and have had no problems finding the tail and horns. However, I'm having a hard time finding hooves that go good with the body. I found some nice faun digilegs from Caverna Obscura, but they are covered in fur. I tinted the fur to match the skin color best I could, but the problem is, Draenei legs aren't supposed to have fur at all, their legs are just skin down to the hooves. So my question is, does anybody know of any nice digilegs / hooves that are not furry, or how would I go about modding the current hooves that I have to apply a skin texture rather than the fur texture? I added a screenshot of what I'm currently using.
  7. I've been away from SL for about 4 months now. Naturally, when I returned, most of the people I used to hang out and RP with are gone. So I figured I would make a brand new avatar and start fresh. One thing I've never tried is RPing as a teen. So, I put together a 13 year old girl avatar and decided to add the twist of making her a vampire. Now, I'm looking for a family that would be willing to adopt her as their daughter. My goal would be to act like a normal teenage girl while trying to hide her vampire ailment from the outside world. At the same time, she would be struggling to control her vampire instincts to feed with the help and support of her family. I do not plan on RPing her as violent by any means, although she will be a bit rebellious. I tried to use one of the adoption agencies, but they are mostly centered around babies and toddlers, which I'm not a fan of. So, if anybody here would like to adopt me, or even just hang out, please let me know here or in game. P.S. A vampire clan or family would also work, so long as the sim they play on allows child and teen avatars.
  8. After returning from a long SL break, I am trying to come back. I've always wanted to try out Family RP, so I went ahead and created a new avatar for it. However, I cannot let go of my desire to play the supernatural, so this avatar is a bit unique, in my opinion. The avatar is a vampire girl. She was bitten and turned when she was 13 years old, so her age and appearance is locked at that age. Her actual age is 50+, so she has a mature personality. Due to her appearance, she often tries to act as her appeared age in order to hide her vampire identity. She just wants to live a normal life and blend in to avoid being scrutinized or hunted down, all the while fighting against her vampire instincts to feed on the blood of the living. Typically, Sims that allow vampires are violent and/or sexual in nature and do not allow underage avatars. Which is fine because I'm not looking for sexual RP. I just want to know if anybody is interested in RPing with this sort of character in a Family or Modern RP, or if there are any Sims that would support this type of character.
  9. So, I thought it would be fun to RP as an android. I'm thinking something similar to either Data from Star Trek: TNG or Andrew from Bicentennial Man. Of course, my android has a female body, but that's beside the point. After a couple of hours searching for an RP sim with no luck, I thought I would ask here. Where would be a good place to RP as an android and if anybody would like to RP? I don't want to be a "bad-ass robot", but rather a more gentle android, suitable perhaps for a family to own as a maid or nanny. I've never tried family RP before since I was never into it, but I was thinking about trying it out. As an android, of course. Also, I'm not against adult RP. I'm sure plenty of androids would be invented for the purpose of sexbots. But remember that I'm looking for an RP home, not a one night stand, and definately not a D/s relationship. While post-apoc and far-future sims are an option, I'd prefer to go to those only as a last resort. My first try was Midian, but I'm not sure what's going on with them because I couldn't get there when I tried. And that's about it. Just looking for a fun RP setting that would allow for an android. Thank you.
  10. Syo Emerald wrote: And on a more personal note...I find nothing more boring than a guy pretending to be a real life women, but failing horrible doing so... Please, don't be a plain stereotype or be as obvious as possible :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. I would like people's opinions on playing, roleplaying, and sexing using an avatar with the opposite gender as your RL gender. It's no big deal to play as a demon, monster, or something else not human but it seems not being the same gender is weird. So I would like your opinion on the subject. Is it overly weird to RP sexual encounters as the opposite gender? Are you put off when you learn that the hot girl avatar you find attractive is a guy in RL? Do you, yourself play the opposite gender and how do you handle it?
  12. Nyx actually has the same thoughts as myself. Looking for a home just means that I need a place to RP regularly, which could mean getting a house there or just making it my primary RP location. Either way, I don't want to fill out an application before testing out the sim first through RP, not just wearing an Observer tag. I understand they want applications to either weed out bad players or get an idea of my character's abilities, but many times I haven't even thought of these yet and taking the time to come up with my entire character profile just to dislike the sim seems like a waste of effort, especially when I try to integrate the sim's specific lore into my story.
  13. I've been browsing several medieval fantasy RP sims looking for a home. But what keeps bothering me is why they require players to send in a notecard with an extensive character bio. The first thing I do is check the place out with my cute little Observer titler over my head so I can look around and check out the RP there. I should be able to take off the titler after I am familiar with the place enough to know my way around, but instead, I need to fill out this notecard and send it to somebody who may not even read it for days or even weeks. Can somebody explain to me why these are necessary? Am I just being lazy by not taking the time to fill these out?
  14. This looks like a decent place. I shall explore it first chance I get.
  15. Almighty I'll stop by as soon as I can when it's open.
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