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  1. I hit Accept the Risk and went to the site. I don't think I even looked at that. When Fritigern Gothly mentioned false positives, I remembered having those before, so I didn't worry about it. :0)
  2. Now that you mention it, I think I've ran into this before. Thanks :0)
  3. ACK you're right. My mistake. I put com instead or org in my OP. However, the warning happens. Is that the only place?
  4. I'm curious about Avastar. However, when I try to go to the site to check it out, I get a warning from my anti-virus, so I don't continue. Anyone have any info on this or if there's another place to go?
  5. Remember way back when SL was crashed by objects raining down that multiplied and spread all over the grid, making silly noises? :0P I think they were pink? Wow, been ages since that. Back in by the way. :0) YAYYYYYY and stuffffffff. /me sets out several anchors
  6. Using hover in Appearance might help. When you edit your appearance, find the body shape, click it. You'll find hover there.
  7. I'll have to give that a try. At one time I used Deformers that I made. SL still supports them, but you can't upload them anymore. Got tons of em for various joints. Still use them in fact for some avatars. At one time I used Blender 2.49b ( I think that was it ) to adjust the SL skeleton and made several in various sizes. I need to look into what you did sometime. I don't do rigged mesh, but I use scults or non-rigged mesh body parts and attach them to the modded skeletons I can't see paying for Avastar to do just one thing. Thanks!
  8. Hoping SL will be back up again so I can get back to working on my orc place. RARRRRR!
  9. Addicted? NEVER! Spoiled a good bit, absolutely! :0)
  10. Got in a bit earlier. Logged out a bit to do some things. Now can't get back in. :0( Puckernuts
  11. Beta grid is up. Never heard how SL and site , etc be down and beta grid still be up. Well, I do need to test some new animations.
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