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  1. Hello, I'm new to Blender, but I know most of the basics of creating some things. So I'm trying to make a rigged mesh avatar, and I have come across this issue again and again. I know about the mirror modifier, and I do apply it. But as for that, that's just it. I upload as a .colldae file, and I get this as the result. What step did I miss tahat I can connect the mirror mesh to its twin and upload it as a whole? My second question revolves around the invisible giant that appears whenever I try to upload the workbench female model. I tried re-edting the female to match the idea avi I had in mind, but every time I upload to see the preview, I see an new female body mesh that I have never seen before. Can anyone explain what's going on, and how I get rid of the larger body?
  2. I'm sure there may be a thread or two about this, and if so, please do share the links? All help is welcomed. Lately, I have been attempting to create tattoo or marking for meshes yet of course the normal tattoo only is applied to the default body. I know I need the UV mapping, which for the mesh I'm working with, I have, but how do I actually apply another layer without replacing the first? And what format would the said marking have to be in?
  3. I definitely should elaborate on that.. Like, infantish/ toddlerish. If there be a title for such, I wouldn't know . It's sort of hard to explain without others jumping in to reap what I was plotting to give or something.
  4. Well, as reported it is a male. However I'm open to a female playing as a male. Tis perfectly fine. x3 I would have looked at earlier posts, but ten days ago and someone might not even pay heed to the thread anymore. I am also somewhat picky about choosing a particular newborn. One that is [not pretending] to be of the following would definitely be idea. owo -Curious -Loves to explore -Spontaneous -Emotional [Even using emoticons are highly favorable. Otherwise I have a difficult time telling your emotion.] -Troublemaker -Friendly,kind, mature.. [This one is more of a requirement. I can't deal with immaturity from the player] -Enjoys furries, ferals, nonhumans, humans.. [Because I tend to "shift" often.] A little about me.. I am a single mother-to-be. Nomadic [No permanent home], though I have adopted "home bases". I'm very energectic, and if this thread wasn't serious, you would see why. Anyone interested may contact me ingame, and we'll just have a little talk, get to know each other, and everything will be dandy. c: If I'm not online, please leave a message and I'll respond ASAP. Thank you. x3
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