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  1. I'm a real world artist pursuing the same occupation in my SL. I'm looking for similar persons to chat and talk about what all's going on in these adventures. Exchange Ideas and maybe find a joint project I'd like to chill and chat over a game of chess, checkers or pool. Or do a balloon ride around the area and check things out. I have a art show this August at the United Artist of SL. Would love to share it with someone or someones. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karpov/53/51/2801
  2. another couple Question on Land. I've up'd my land usage fee to total 5120, and have hitting the auctions. is there a way to search for abandon property or land in a region ? My second premium home is larger then the first one. Are there larger premium linden homes I can upgrade to?
  3. Heading into the third week of the new gallery and I've changed vendors from BSM to CasperVend. If you have a store or gift card from the gallery, I'll be transferring those cards over as I see them activated. see the note below... I've also been working on new artwork pieces and cutout transparency wall art at the gallery. I've redid the displays at the shop to show them off. Come check it out. VENDOR CHANGE NOTE I've recently had to switch vendor system to CasperVend. I am still monitoring the BSM system for store credit and gift cards activation. When you activate your
  4. I am looking for someone to help with promotions and marketing of my new art gallery in London City, Thunderchild Gallery (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London City/198/157/24). You can contact me to arrange a meeting at that location. We can discuss what I am looking for and what you are seeking. Thanks.
  5. I just opened my art gallery in London City, Thunderchild Gallery (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London City/198/157/24). I am looking for someone that can be a creative assistant or partner in promotions and marketing. I have boxes of store cards (store credit) to be passed out to clubs and other public or hosted gatherings as prizes or gifts. My goal is to get traffic through the shop by giving away one piece and plan to spur interest or sells of others. I'll be looking for ad and billboard placements as well. Someone to help scout ideal locations. Interested persons sho
  6. Hi, some of your RL skills caught my eye. I just opened my gallery in London City, Thunderchild Gallery. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London City/198/157/24) I can use some creative help in getting promotions going and exploring how to use the SL economy. Feel free to contact me for a meeting.
  7. Thank You very much! That is an excellent reply and terrific examples.
  8. so, assuming I can't buy my neighbors out and acquire their land, when I purchase 2,048 m of additional land usage fee, which following situation is true, increase the number of prims allowed on my current land without having to increase actual current home footprint or Provides new land in another location and I can keep my current footprint and Home location as is or increases the total footprint I can have in one location, but I have to move and get my own house to hold my current stuff
  9. Got that. Switching subject a bit. If I up my land usage fees, does that increase the land area around my current home or do I have to move?
  10. Thanks! I take it I can list my Linden home (premium membership) as a location? The shop is rented, so I've talked with the landlord and have his form for listing.
  11. I've just opened my gallery and would like a mesh for a prices and savings board I have with multiple scripts. Contact me for a meeting. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London City/198/157/24
  12. How do I get my new Gallery space (Thunderchild Gallery) located in London City at 5 Brewer Street listing so it shows up in the search results inworld? I can find myself and my Group with "Thunderchild" as the search, but the Gallery doesn't come up, even with "Thunderchild Gallery" as the search.
  13. The following opportunities are available. Promotions Manager. Manager to promote store in various regions of Second Life using notecards, billboard and SL Marketplace ads. A budget will be provided for necessary purchases. A Commission on promoted sales will be earned.
  14. The following opportunities are available. Clothing Maker (Tailor). Person to make clothing with supplied artwork for profit sharing. Artist will supply all artwork in various cutouts and designs. Person will create articles of clothing with artwork for artist to sell in shop. Artist and Person will split net sales.
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