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  1. As long as you use that viewer to make backups / copies of stuff you created yourself you have nothing to worry about. If you copy somebody elses stuff, you need explicit permission from them. If you copy somebody elses stuff and you don't have their explicit permission to do so, you are liable to be reported and banned. I think that also counts when not redistributing or sharing your copies.
  2. Funny. Few people know her, but everybody refers to her when mentioning a bug in computing these days.
  3. You can also save yourself much troubles if you can exchange your GPU from ATI to NVidia. Afaik ATI users experience much more trouble in properly installing and maintaining their driver than the latter. I always stuck to NVidia and hardly have the trouble I notice ATI users have. Not questioning ATI products, just the(ir) (proprietary) driver support on linux.
  4. You cannot change your IP ? Is yours static for some reason ? ( Not about customer service, but thinking practical here on your behalf. )
  5. Afaik live-support is only availiable to premium-accounts. Always been like that I think ( but could be wrong ). Was once stuck for 2 weeks in a former free account. Can happen. Usually login issues, like your friend has, disappear when SL servers are restarted after updates. Might be more helpful to your friend trying to clear his cache or trying to login at start at a different location ( try Pooley ) and more tricks others might reply here in this thread.
  6. ok Steganography is putting the code into the picture. But the code within the picture needs to be triggered by an executable ( program, engine ) specifically written to execute the code. Has to be done client-side. ETA : What the OP is referring to is technically feasible. The claim that SL is 'infected' seems rather unlikely to me. A false positive by the virusscanner is all the more. This better perhaps ? An' wuzzat 'bout mah granma ?
  7. Perrie Juran wrote: I am having a hard time seeing how a virus could be transmitted through SL via an image. Think steganography, but those are not really viruses. To make it executable the recipient should be tricked to open the image with a malicious application to execute the code from within.
  8. As good as nothing on marketplace. There are many references to tennis, but that usually refers to shoes or shirts.
  9. Let's see. Android ICS. Lumiya viewer. Dolphin-viewer for forums. Nope. No trouble here. ETA : Goes for Chrome for Android too. And Puffin Browser. Opera. Funny. Only Firefox seems to have trouble with forum menu's, but logging on/off went ok. Unable to test IE for Android.
  10. solstyse wrote: Now, here's my question. Since I've laid eyes on Linux Mint, I fell in love. but Mint gives me a few options. Mint is based on either Ubuntu (Mint 14 corresponds with Ubuntu 12.10) or on Debian. So, I can try the Debian version, and see if it works better, or I can "regress" to a version of Mint that works because it's based on Ubuntu 11.10. In either case, would running apt-get update or apt-get upgrade from an older distro put me right back in the same position, or would it only upgrade the packages that are not too modern for my 3 year old machine? I mean this fo now on
  11. solstyse wrote: I have done a bit of research,and found that I'mnot the only one who feels that Ubuntu distros later than 11.10 feel "broken" but at the same time, there are plenty of people who have no trouble at all with releases up to their latest 12.10. there also seems to be some disagreement on the net as to what is the cause. Some cite the libfontconfig 2.9 files, saying that replacing them with libfontconfig 2.8 specifically in your sl directory will fix it. Others say it's a video driver issue. It seems that this is unique to Ubuntu, although not all users experience the symptoms.
  12. solstyse wrote: So, the last version of Ubuntu that worked perfectly for me was 11.10. I'm wondering what dropped from the repository that would make it stop working as soon as it hit the number 12. TDD123 replies : Sounds to me like when upgrading you do so by apt-get upgrade only. Are you aware that general upgrading to a newer version number of your distro requires apt-get (-f) dist-upgrade too ? The -f is optional. Distribution upgrades can be tricky though and can break dependencies. Muon has a graphical package manager that might assist you better. solstyse wrote : I
  13. Ok .. Sorry for the delay, but have got some time now. Thanks for starting the thread already. Downloading latest SL client ( Linux beta ) and will get back to this asap. ETA : Working. Ok .. *scrapes throat* .. I am no guru, speaking to you at user to user level here. My machine : i386PC:~$ lsb_release -a Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.10 Release: 12.10 Codename: quantal i386PC:~$ uname -a -r Linux i386PC 3.5.0-23-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 24 13:05:29 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux ( About distros in general .. perhaps you
  14. solstyse wrote: If you'd rather start a seperate thread where we can get all technical instead of jacking this thread, just give the word. I'd be glad to learn. Word. You best start the thread though. I'll keep an eye out for it.
  15. Devoran Comet wrote: Anyway everyone, is this feasible and realistic or am I dreaming? I'd love to hear what you have to say, and if you guys think this sounds like something you'd love to see, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for your time, and thanks for reading! -Devoran Comet I think it's a very ambitious plan and perhaps impossible. Remember real-time is hard to emulate for all involved when depending on network traffic, latency, error correction and what not that might interfere with this dream. It will be hard enough to pull all you want off with only
  16. solstyse wrote: Ubuntu (probably 11, since it seems that 12 is where it all went wrong) Huh ?! ..... Running Ubuntu 12.10 ( with KDE 4.9.4 ) . Nothing wrong with it.
  17. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Linden-Fish-Hunter-Beginner-Rod-Yellow-Earn-Linden-by-hunting-for-fish/2617200
  18. Porky Gorky wrote: TDD123 wrote: Oh. I'll just wait for an offer for your assasination and keep preparing my rifle. :robotindifferent: It's all your fault man. You've sent me into phsyco megalomaniac mode with all this talk or capping Lindens. Well .. you might also like to know I'm contracted by SL Merchants. I'm their final no-refunds-policy executioner ... :robotvery-happy:
  19. Oh. I'll just wait for an offer for your assasination and keep preparing my rifle. :robotindifferent:
  20. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: @ TDD123 : just a question : may i im you aswell ?....:smileyvery-happy: Sure. Just make me an offer I cannot refuse.
  21. Porky Gorky wrote: TDD123 wrote: Waitwut ?! :robotsurprised: Which Linden do you want me to kill ? :robotindifferent: I am really fighting the urge to type a name here, but I am afraid it may be admissable as evidence in court. :matte-motes-whistle: Fine. We'll negotiate by IM. /me starts checking and polishing his sniper rifle.
  22. Porky Gorky wrote: Lets pretend I offer to pay you a decent middle class salary to spend 40 to 60 hours per week in SL. There is no requirement for you to earn a living in SL or RL (as I am paying you) and all reasonable SL related expenses are covered. Waitwut ?! :robotsurprised: Which Linden do you want me to kill ? :robotindifferent:
  23. Porky Gorky wrote: TDD123 wrote: Of course. Of course maybe your intention was to waste time, in which case, wasting time doesn't become a waste of time as you intentionally chose to waste it. Or maybe I am just over analysing things. It's tricky to say. The waste of time is not essential in my general message to the OP. This is : Time is not precious amongst friends without consideration. Expect common decency even from non-friends.
  24. Madelaine McMasters wrote: TDD123 wrote: Not from a friend : You wasted my time, but that's ok. I'm sorry for your loss in life. TDD123, the only person capable of wasting my time is me. Strive for that exclusivity, then avoid using it. The latter part of mentioned sentence is more important to the OP according to me than the first. Please comply. ETA For the OP's sake. Not yours or mine ..., .... Madelaine.
  25. Porky Gorky wrote: TDD123 wrote: You wasted my time, but that's ok. Surely you wasted your own time by choosing to read it? Of course.
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