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  1. Sphincter with phallic delusion sez wut ? :robotindifferent:
  2. Tyrath wrote: .....But still I put out a change to the maker ...Make a had for us to hunt them and take away things as they do us ..Its only a game them make it far as of right now it is only one sided ..Just saying Ok . I get what you're saying. Maybe you could offer this 'trait' into the game in another thread in the Roleplay-section of the forums. It's an option worth mentioning. But in General Discussion (here) you'll be advised or commented upon by others who don't care for Bloodlines at all and are generally apathic to it.
  3. Oh , I had my share of requests and even had the necklace, but I found all in all better to ignore if not to be too much annoyed by them. Even had friends who were vampires often in SL. Vampires, on the other hand, are of course a large community of SL and have contributed a lot to it's environment even before the twilight-saga was 'mainstream' vampirism (roleplay, communities, merchandise). New SL players might be advised better, but on the other hand are usually adult or old enough to regard vamps and spamps as fiction and non-hazardous to their real life well being. Maybe infohuds co
  4. Dude .... :robotindifferent: .... have a mint instead ? .. but seriously, why be so obsessed by them and not join them ? Just ignore and decline. And you tried to save your avatars soul ? Why ? :robotindifferent: <-- Don't answer. That's like claiming I would need defibrillation ... :robotfrustrated:
  5. trixp wrote: I guess I will have to focus next on why SL users secret desire to become a robot offline then.... Would it help if I'd sign the survey with 'Steve Austin' ? :robottongue:
  6. trixp wrote: Hey guys! I know there are probably a lot of old threads about this but please hear me out! I really would like to have an open discussion about this but I've also written a few questions just to get the conversation flowing. I've also made a short survey on google for anyone who wants to remain anonymous or just doesn't feel like answering in the thread or being part of the discussion. I would appreciate ANY answers or time you take talking to me about this. I have tried to talk to people about these questions within the game but not many people are keen on discussing this s
  7. Lacy217 McLuhan wrote: Do you really expect us to be ok with these types of behaviors? No. You are expected to be aware of sexual diversity in any form in Second Life like all other adults should have to in the real world. Some will question your sense of legality in the real world in their virtual form. Consentious sexual ageplay amongst adults representing virtual adults is legally allowed in Second Life in spite of your personal sexual preferences. "Rape Forced Sex Parties" are allowed. "Pedophile parties for Toddlers" are not. You are expected to report the latter to LL if noted
  8. "Amazing, ladies and gentlemen. He just shot himself in the foot and he immediately takes aim for the other and cogs his gun. What a sportsmanship !"
  9. You express yourself in a friendly manner on a topic called upon countless of times. You deserve a balanced answer. Personally I think you underestimate the technical ability to ban and challenging sim-owners with that ability has left you surpised they might act upon their rules. This does not require any moral compass. You just have to expect to get banned anytime for reasons you might never not be told. You have the right to appeal, but possibilities can be limited to not being able to appeal at all. Not even when contacting Lindenlab about it. If you willingly challenge sim-rules you si
  10. I don't know who he is. I don't think I want to either. But hey look .... I mined almost 40 diamonds in the meantime. :robotlol: Please excuse me while I salvage those in storage.
  11. Not really. You just bore too easily. Entertain me better and things might change. /me returns to his favourite game.
  12. BothamFidor wrote: I am entertaining. How so ? :robotindifferent:
  13. Aside accusing Lindenlab employees and their family of unfounded criminal activities and showing contempt for their undoubted superior website managing skills , you are not entertained and call this forum boring ? You, sir, have some nerve.
  14. I think when asked 'wut' is answered ... :robotindifferent:
  15. Why not ask here as well : http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/bd-p/Wanted ?
  16. Maryanne Solo wrote: I nuuu isn't it e xciting? :smileysurprised: I'm due to go have a look in about 720 days. *wonders......... Yeh .. I'm thrilled too. Tell me about it thrice the time after. :robotindifferent:
  17. Oh. TY. I hope it remains broken then ... :matte-motes-evil: Oh no. Did I just type that ? PLEASE FIX ASAP LL !!!!
  18. I know .. I shamelessly copied your link from that thread ... :robotvery-happy:
  19. But they *gasp* could wreck something. The feeds perhaps too. Would that be a good or bad thing ? What do you think ?
  20. It was asked. It might be granted. What do you think is maintained at the moment ? ETA : http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2013/02/23/post1892/ Will LL alter the profiles ? Is it a mere secure update ? Will the feeds finally be moderated, self-controlled or perhaps ... vanish ? I NO LONGER CAN WAIT IN SUSPENSE !! TELL ME !!!! ( Not really ... it's 'Melissa & Joey' -weekend on CC and I'm terribly annoyed for that .. :robotindifferent: )
  21. So just wait while they 'bang' on things ... :robotindifferent:
  22. Some tips : Check if the creator runs a refund policy at all. Check if said creator is still active in SL at all. Check for other people using the product and try to resolve what could make the product work without the creator's assistence or help. Good luck.
  23. Well. You're right, but I'm not giving up my IBTL. I won this one. :robotfrustrated: Still happy. :robotvery-happy:
  24. Senobia Xenga wrote: If LL were to add these additional elements of realism to SL, would you still play? *Your house could be robbed and items really taken No. *You could be robbed and Ls really taken No. *You could be murdered (Not only on combat sims, but by random acts of violent crime - no starting over, no grace period. Once you're dead, you're gone. The end unless you get a new account.) No. *You could contract STDs and suffer the same consequences to your avatar as you would in RL Ef no. :robotindifferent: *You could become pregnant w/out it being an option Ef no ^2 *You coul
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