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  1. Grrrr... demmit .. beat me to it... :robotfrustrated: Admitted though : Ghetto Ironman's remark at 08:49 is effing hilarious. ETA : Odd though ... really nothing much to see , actually .. :robotindifferent:
  2. Have a look here yourself . These machines should be able to do the job. The recommended laptop should run SL at your expected level.
  3. Fair enough. Does mean though that the bar you set for the laptop needs to be lowered, given your price range. For 1K expect a laptop that might get you mid settings ( or high in a very exceptional case but that would have to be a real steal ). Postpone and save the money for a better machine later, I'd say.
  4. ty The video card was an upgrade. The processor was originally an E2140. The upgrades were quite below the OPs target range. Another advantage of not buying a mobile device in favour of future upgrades.
  5. Enticement wrote: I can give and take on the price and it must be a laptop for spatial reasons and since I am buying something new I would prefer to get the best bang for my buck and hopefully be able to play on high to ultra settings. Any Advice or direct links I should know about? Although spatial reasons might be the main motivation for you to invest in a laptop, mind that those are mainly optimized for low battery use and that usually means a concession to graphics, since power consumption is radical when you want to run an application like Second Life or any other application relyin
  6. Es ist eine kostenlose Gruppe. Die Gruppe ist 'ne nicht-spezifische Bastler-gruppe, kein Clan oder Gilde, und hat so fern ich weiss nur die Funktion um Zugriff zu haben zum Sandkasten wessen LM ich dir bereits schickte. Suche die Gruppe mit STRG + F auf Nahmen. Es genuegt einfach zu 'joinen'.
  7. Tick on '3D View' Tick 'Contacts' On the left side appears 'Local : Main Channel' + your current location. Tick that. On the bottom on the left side a line appears with a 'Say' button next to it. Tick that line and a keyboard to type should appear. At least that's how I proceed when I type something in local chat. ( This requires to have 'Messages in 3D View' checked in your Settings of Lumiya ).
  8. Hab' dir die Landmarke geschickt. Bedingung ist dass du zuerst Mitglied wirst der 'Second Life Beta' - Gruppe ( ist kostenlos ). Es gibt genuegend Platz hier es aus zu packen, wenn's moechtest.
  9. LepreKhaun wrote: I still baby an old computer simply because I can run Monkey Island and Full Throttle on it. With this these games will run on nearly any computer these days.
  10. bennymaeker wrote: Also wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, komme ich um die woechendlichen Kosten nicht herum, oder wie? Die sind, verzeih mir den Vergleich, intertat Titanisch zu nennen ... :robotindifferent: Hättest vielleicht mehr gehabt an 'nem U-boot :robotlol:
  11. /me schaut auf seine Badewanne. "Also .. werd mal schauen ob's Platz gibt, aber verspreche dir nichts ... " :robotindifferent: .. aber mahl ehrlich .. kann dir 'ne Landmarke geben zu 'nem Sandkasten wenn's wollst , aber da gibst nicht genuegend Wasser sondern du kannst es nur wenigstens mal auspacken. The message body contains ue (Umlaut) , which is not permitted in this community. Please remove this content before sending your post. <-- Huh ? Zu bloede ... :robotmad: What is this ? One cannot type authentic language in a foreign section of the forums ? :robotindifferent: ETA
  12. Troll Parnall wrote: Would any consideration to adding a second partner box to our profiles be okay? No. "Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same." - Oscar Wilde
  13. He'll claim anyway he's trying the breast he can ... :robotindifferent:
  14. Huh ?! :robotsurprised: Oh ... :robotindifferent: Same to you then. Take care. Be well. Come again ... Bye. :robotwink:
  15. Because classifying the majority of SL like that is simply untrue and a gross generalisation. You should look beyond your limited view. That's what's being told to you repeatedly. Let that sink in or leave it be and leave SL without offending many with such little insight.
  16. That's an old virus from 1998. It's more likely it's a false positive by your virusscanner. Can happen with a cache because sometimes files are partially downloaded or completely, which confuses virusscanners. The files in the cache are harmless since they cannot be excecuted on your system. Best clean your cache regularly to avoid such issues.
  17. You look to me like a tacky Charlie X not getting his tacky way. From a tacky episode of a tacky series that many people know and still appreciate. ETA : Don't be offended. Is just how you 'look' to me.
  18. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: please grow up a bit and let others live their SL their way. The very essence of this thread. Thank you, Drake1.
  19. That's not a reason .. that's just an excuse .
  20. Charli Infinity wrote: here's another person getting offended because of a word. It's the reputation SL has in the real world and in the media. I am curious why you persist in this word 'tacky' and keep returning to this 'Jersey Shore' - analogy. Those are very personal views and you need a better definition to get your point(s) across. Could you also persist having this discussion without the word tacky and without the comparison of a TV-show you clearly know so much about to have it as your only point of view or reference ?
  21. I dive into the most suggestive thread title ever .... ... to find I'm speechless. Wow ... :robotindifferent:
  22. Charli Infinity wrote: Yeah. Thanks for getting it. Back to my original point, it is a bit embarassing to admit playing SL because of that. All the skimpy stuff gets to the top does make it look tacky as if everyone is just here for sex like how most non SL users think. Get this ( hardcore SL - users might hate me for this ) : I love Survivalcraft, a Minecraft-clone. I love Counter Strike: Source. I love a lot of digital leasure others in RL / SL might contempt me for. So .... (effing) ... what ? :robotindifferent: ETA : There's so much non-sexual creativity in SL that it r
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