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  1. You can always try to make Maddy move to residentials in Plainfield. Please contact mr. Ed Gein .. :robotindifferent:
  2. It's a variation of this symbol, which originates from Hopi mythology.
  3. A pair of thimbles on a string ..... :robotindifferent:
  4. Ceka Cianci wrote: you do realise the OP is trolling? /me hi5s Ceka ... :robotlol:
  5. Ihatedumbpeople wrote: I noticed some people who post in the general section are extreme cool and wonder if you can provide me some tips on what steps I should take to be more like you and fit in Keep taking the longest walk off of the shortest plank ... :robotindifferent: ETA : Tip # 2
  6. :robotlol: "Alan !! Alan !! Alan !!" Here's a german (commercial) variant :
  7. GothGirl Demonia wrote: So yeah anyways can someone who knows possibly answer the question about if money is allowed to be purchased through third party sites still I am confused. From the website of one exchange office I regularly use to acquire Linden. "To all of our customers, Because of the new ToS of Linden lab, we have received many questions of customers. At the moment we have not directly recieved a message from Linden Lab concerning activities of DXexchange. We are however consulting other formerly by LL acknowledged exchanges to evaluate the situation. We will continue
  8. Relish yourself within the unconditional love you shared with it. ETA : Perhaps you will remain feeling sad at first a lot for a while to come , but eventually you will smile every time you do.
  9. N-word ? What N-word ? ... besides ... there's racism that " is not going too far" ? What kind of racism would that be ? ... :robotindifferent: ETA : The answer to the picture is 'naggers'.
  10. Porky Gorky wrote: All hail the interwebs and it's smorgasbord of free pornography!! Sure.
  11. ... schuift dat ? ... :robotindifferent:
  12. Try increasing your swap file. Take a value of 1.5 times of actual RAM.
  13. Afaik there's no parameter or argument to make the output less verbose. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but why not output to a *.txt - file instead of /dev/null ? command > output.txt or command >> output.txt in case output.txt already exists.
  14. I'm clueless exactly to the why ... mesh should act with scripts just like other prims afaik, it's just a 'custom made' prim (type 'convex hull' ) uploaded by a user ... but perhaps scripting on those has been disabled by LL ?
  15. Why not try adding the mesh to an invisible prim and let the prim be main object to sell ?
  16. Qie Niangao wrote: I'm curious though: Is it really the case that nobody has gotten an SL viewer to run with Mesa drivers on an Intel GPU? It would be dead slow, of course, but it seems weird that it would be impossible. There's an Intel-driver for Mesa 9.1 which itself supports OpenGL 3.1. The OP said she knew someone running SL on an Intel 965. Could be possible. Yet usually Intel releases GPUs that focus more on 2D / HD - video ( h264 ) than 3D functions. 3D on mobile devices are usually stripped from hardware functions ( like T&L or shaders ) or not implemented fully in compariso
  17. Deltango Vale wrote: I wish to talk about a very basic concept in economics called 'relative price'. In economics, specifically microeconomics (individuals, firms and households), all prices are relative prices. There is no such thing as a price given by God; all prices are relative. Microeconomics 101, class 01, day 01, first lecture in any schoolroom in any country in the world: the price people are willing to pay for something depends on the price of an alternative if the price of apples relative to oranges goes up, people will buy fewer apples Yes, it's that simple. No hidden tricks,
  18. 700 EUR is about 912 USD, not 'quite a bit less' , just less ( less than 10%) . Good thing to know for the OP, considering he'd like a 1K machine that does high or ultra in the near future. Aside questioning who is 'wrong' or 'right' , I'd still advice to postpone anyway and invest savings into a better laptop complying to his wants.
  19. I disagree it is a useless list to the OP when considering second hand hardware to minimally run SL on a linux distribution. I agree the list is very outdated and not on par with current hardware, but find it is still somewhat useable as a reference when shopping for a cheap used machine like the OP desires. ETA : And yes , a lot on the list is currently considered scrapheap hardware.
  20. Er is wel een NL versie mogelijk (geweest), maar het is blijkbaar in huidige versies niet (meer) aanwezig. Dat is een beleidskeuze. En wellicht heeft de wet van de aantallen daar mee te maken. Zie ook deze forums. Er is geen Nederlands gedeelte ingericht. Wat ik niet helemaal echter begrijp is waarom taal, ook al beheers je enigzins Engels zoals in de door jou aangehaalde draad, jou verhinderd gebruik te maken van die laatste versies. Blijkbaar is jouw probleem de viewer in te stellen indien in de Engelse taal. Toch lijkt mij dat als je een beetje moeite neemt , je in staat bent een viewer me
  21. Graphics don't need to be spectacular on SL to run it, but some minimal 3D acceleration is required. Refer to the list Qie mentioned in his post about minimal hardware requirements for SL on any OS. If your 'rig' at least has this graphical minimum, you'll be able to run SL. There is so much variety in availiability, either new or used, that I cannot possibly give advice to you regarding your next purchase.
  22. IlCalle wrote: TDD123 ... the only reason I am using linux mint is to play SL :matte-motes-big-grin: otherwise dragora would be my choice of OS. I guess I'll have to wait untill I can afford a better PC... I'll have more time for working on my art projects then. If SL is the reason you want to buy a laptop, don't stare yourself blind on the distribution, but consider the hardware ( which usually comes down to buying something with NVidia or ATI GPUs inside instead of Intel ) . I'm not knocking your laptop / configuration, I'm sure it's a nice little machine. SL is just outside o
  23. Qie Niangao wrote: .... and it's not even listed as an option for SL on Linux ... True, it's not listed specifically but the page does state 'Intel chipsets less than a 945 including Intel Extreme will not work'. i965 might. I agree it won't be spectacular. But it just might. ETA : Just read this GPU compares to a Geforce 6150. Ouch .. not good .. :robotindifferent: That's a little less than minimum requirements for SL.
  24. IlCalle wrote: TDD123 I actually met a guy with my same laptop that told me he was running SL, I hope he did not lied to me :matte-motes-stress: ... but I don't get how to install the proprietary drivers. Hmmmh ... is it this one ? Well .. .maybe I'm a bit too harsh on that GPU . There are Youtubes that show it does some fair amount of 3D gaming and is DirectX 9c compatible. I see no direct indication the guy claiming it lied to you on forehand. Try this website : https://01.org/linuxgraphics/ . I don't know what distro you are using but perhaps drivers there will help you unloc
  25. Oh boy ... an Intel i965 ... :robotindifferent: Check here for your reference . I'm afraid you won't succeed in running SL with this GPU. Forget about it .. get at least something with a proper NVidia or ATI GPU. You cannot even run SL on this if Windows was installed on it.
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