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  1. Never held on so tight on anyone this beautiful so tenderly ...
  2. Grand opening of Nova Libertia on 3rd of December 10 AM SLT We, the Nova Libertia Community, want to introduce our brand new CYBER themed sim wide city and we want to do that with a BANG! 6 hours of great music,played by great DJs ! Lineup (in alphabetical order) DJane Lucis DJ Manchester DJane Nefastia DJane Sammy DJane Sky DJ Zet Dress up with your most loved cyber gear and join the fun,stomp with us and enjoy the atmosphere! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nova%20Libertia/118/151/3501
  3. Well I got this Nutriprint for those visiting ( digestive systems .. what a waste of energy .. ) ... .. but it ain' t painting Rembrandts .. does a good desert though ...
  4. That can be disputed. I always loved learning German like this before any English came along .. Der Unterschied zwischen "You're" und 'your' ist einfach : man schreibt entweder "Du bist / Sie sind / Ihr seit" oder 'Deins / Ihres' .. "You're" ist eine Verkürzung von "You are" und kann nicht ersetzt werden durch ein Personalpronomen. Die beiden gleich zu stellen deutet auf grammitikaler Unbegriff der Sprache. Man braucht um dieses zu wissen und richtig zu nutzen kein Grammatik-Nazi zu sein.
  5. Like "Please be so kind to turn on your automated self-fornication and forfeit any downtime claims ." ...
  6. Once upon a time .. I got out of this thread ..
  7. Back up after about 30 minutes including anouncement time. . Logging in.
  8. My Region was moved into the cloud and we barely noticed. Yet there remain some pecularities. Unsure if these are related to the cloud : if assigning friends to permit editing one's objects, it simply doesn't work. Yet assigments older than a week still do work. Apparantly region restarts are at wednesdays now too .. Oh yeah and groupchat seems to be working again. Kinda.
  9. My hardwareshop in the Asian District of my region ..
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