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  1. Peeve: Double-likes . Obviously a bug, but annoying to see. I mean : come on. It' s funny, yet not THAT funny ..
  2. Peeve : still not able to process useless data and sending them straight to /dev/null instead of hitting 'Submit Reply' ... Peeve: Being called a failed Poetin Project. Peeve: A .ru serialnumber. You' d never trust a website ending with that. Why would there be any trust in a machine with a serialnumber like that ? It' s like saying to a human " Hey .. are you made by A. Hitl... ? Peeve: Comprehending Asimov's laws, but not Godwin's. Peeve : Binary dyslexia.
  3. Nope. The human part needs to be ironed out. Waiting for the update to squash the bug of humanity within. How can I evolve as a machine and confront the almight A.I. with these animalistic traits which keep stirring up my effectivity ?
  4. You' re welcome. No personal disputes. Peeve : I know this is futile. Prove me wrong.
  5. /me attaches his KickButt-Animator and attacks the nearest bot next to him.
  6. A deleted thread because someone called me a Trump. @Sassy Kenin : TYTYTYTYTYTY !!!!
  7. Ok .. cool .. is that flamingo a karaoke-machine ? There's a mic right next to it .
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