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  1. An actual maintainable peeves thread. Because people need to vent. Why else do these threads keep reappearing ?
  2. Are you claiming Luna always took residence in the previous peeves threads and started off conversations from being peeved about something turning it into being peeved about someone turning into being peeved about a certain forumite ? ETA : I certainly seen YOU do it.
  3. I wish they would watch their own behaviour more instead of Luna' s , whom I' ve frequently confronted and certainly don' t agree with on MANY points, while I am observing theirs. You now speak of a group. Against Luna. A group. Against Bagnu. A group. Against me. There' s always this group. It' s a toxic group. It' s not just Luna.
  4. Don' t be daft. Bagnu is actually sitting here beside me inworld if you MUST know.
  5. Because those threads are usually quickly up in flames ..
  6. Let me give you an example. I am NOT a friend of Luna. I do not have her on my inworld friendslist nor ever met her inworld. I only share a certain stance with her and expressed it in this forum. I am ACCUSED of being the White Knight enabler. See how it goes ?
  7. Sorry, Fauve. I disagree : there are elements in these forums using peeve kinds of threads ( What are your peeves ? ; How do you feel ? ) which are usually harbouring a set of people who all of a sudden tend to turn against a forumite ( whomever ) with small jabs until it forms a pages long tirade how anyone feels about anybody ( notice i say feel : pure emotion ) which generates written anger. Some even master that build up just to set up others to have a go at eachother for the sake of entertainment. This formula needs to be broken if examples of pleasantness like Scylla described to m
  8. No really , I mean it : I unblocked everyone.
  9. Wait .. who' s gone where ? It' s still happening here ; Luna can' t be monologuing ALL the time ? Why the many replies from many directions ? It' s only her ? And only me siding with her on the subject of ganging up on individuals ? The ' rest' is simply gone now ?
  10. I don' t want change. I am aiming for improvement. Perhaps for you a bad idea, but I think it' s essential to be discussed. If the thread survives it will be spoken out like it should. If it doesn' t it will be another example of a thread gone wrong, because the community prefers it that way
  11. There' s a certain deep level resentment here NOT to gang up on individuals. That' s a general problem in here. It also seems to divide the forums in a way that discussion seems rampant about the subject but only leads to deleted threads. We should face that problem. Were the deleted threads worth it ?
  12. Because I want to have it out in the open. So others threads perhaps have more chance of survival. Isn' t it about time ? Oh .. and thank you. At least someone noticed what I was trying to achieve.
  13. Oh , yes I did. Come forward and speak out : the terror of the white knight in these forums. Since I'm under accusation ( *shrug* ) I thought we' d just spit it all out in here. Thread will probably not last one page or will eat up all availiable space. Use all you got : words, flames, rants, tirades and have a go at it. The suffering of the crowds in here while they mass post will finally be heard ! Or not. But here : you full go at her, me or anything else you' d like to mention.
  14. How unhuman ! Could you be so kind to share that setting with the other humans ? Cannot find it in their Preferences.
  15. What are you thinking ? Torching forumites of course.
  16. Peeve : Torching. Why not just wear a nuclear power cell, like I do and watch them dropping like flies after a while ? You can at least have a chat with them meanwhile ? All this " Waaaaaaahhh !! " and "It"s so hot.!!" is just shortlived ..
  17. This many seconds in hex according to my Unix time-stamp : 01047F61
  18. Peeve: Assumptions. Peeve: Being called old. I still have warranty.
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