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  1. A fly high up on the wall in the top right corner of the stage.
  2. peeve letting go off : Unable to kill silence everyone in this forum .. 😁
  3. peeve : Freshly made Homestead up and running, but at work ..
  4. One can select several forum issues by subject while creating a ticket.
  5. No. But I'm sure you' ll be one of those I'll see contributing to what I am trying to point out. And I honestly have no beef with you.
  6. I'll decide that for myself, nonetheless thank you for your thoughts, Fauve.
  7. An actual maintainable peeves thread. Because people need to vent. Why else do these threads keep reappearing ?
  8. Are you claiming Luna always took residence in the previous peeves threads and started off conversations from being peeved about something turning it into being peeved about someone turning into being peeved about a certain forumite ? ETA : I certainly seen YOU do it.
  9. I wish they would watch their own behaviour more instead of Luna' s , whom I' ve frequently confronted and certainly don' t agree with on MANY points, while I am observing theirs. You now speak of a group. Against Luna. A group. Against Bagnu. A group. Against me. There' s always this group. It' s a toxic group. It' s not just Luna.
  10. Don' t be daft. Bagnu is actually sitting here beside me inworld if you MUST know.
  11. Because those threads are usually quickly up in flames ..
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