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  1. No. I describe one side as protesting, initially peacefully, against an organisation which kills people regardless of individual circumstance, while describing the other as obstructing the genuine outcome of the will of the majority of the people. No matter how you try to 'whataboutism' : the only intend of Trump and his supporters was to stop the outcome of an honest result.
  2. I never claimed one of both examples to be on either side of the policital spectrum. That is your doing.
  3. Rioting against institutionalized murder : A march for awareness of people being killed by an organised system. Rioting against democracy ( electoral result ) : Obstruction of electoral acknowledgement confirmed in court. I agree with Cinos.
  4. That is exactly what the POTUS is being, justified in my opinion, accused of as we speak. His political career is over. And I fully agree. I don't care if he commits political suicide : he should no longer pull others along with his intend to disrupt the outcome of the election which has been officially confirmed. All objections have been found dismissable by the Supreme Court. There is no presentable proof. He should relent and let go, like his followers.
  5. I'm out in the open. I have but my own voice. I am alone. I hate you all. Mute me.
  6. If LL's legal representation agrees with this, I'll agree with you.
  7. Afaik these policies relate to real world activities with real world people. I think American law differentiates between real world and virtual, but not sure. They might fall back on this though should they want to get rid of 'us'. But again .. that's always been a risk for whatever reason. I think the move is more technical than moral. The system doesn't give a crap about what data we shove in either direction or in what form and the service contract not that much either. I mean it's not that SL is going to be all over Amazon.com and in everyone's face.
  8. Afaik my country will hold ME responsible for such activities in SL. In my regions where I reside. It should and will hold LL responsible if it is forcefed upon me.
  9. Of course that has always been the case since the anouncement of the move to AWS. What kind of scandal would be required though ? SL is beyond that stage in the public eye. Do you mean public presentation or avatar conduct ? 99.9999 % of the population has the latter in their own hands.
  10. I think SL is already 'tarnished' with that public opinion and public opinion moved on. SL survived nonetheless. I only have regions that forbid child avatars entirely. That's all I have to say about the matter entirely.
  11. Well.. first they need to stop selling the "I love P()rn" - baseballcaps and various other items themselves first. It's unlikely they'll Disneyfy themselves first and then 'hit' LL with morality issues.
  12. Aye .. the good ol' days where tl:dr was but a bad dream and one-liners ruled supreme. Of course. And these companies as run by him will certainly not cater to the extremist single individual or group, but to the large mostly silent crowd.
  13. That would only be the case if SL turns into an obnoxious extreme right presentation like Parler does, which seems, thankfully, very unlike to me.
  14. It reminds me to wear earplugs as early as October each year @ work.
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