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  1. I understand you denying Trump your reality, but general reality is that Joe Biden remains the 46th. I' m that kind of person. ( I agree Trump should never have been president at all. )
  2. Sure. Collectively accepting the result of the election and honouring Joe Biden as the 46th POTUS is a good firm step in that direction.
  3. I must urge you to stop speaking in questions only. It hinders debating with you. You promote greed, already in your discussion with JanuarySwan, by claiming that YOUR money is only wasted on unemployment or other social benefits only if the OTHERS are in charge. That' s a BS cheap claim. How many Mexicans did the wall keep out ? How much did Mexico pay for it ? How much money was wasted on that ?
  4. I'm concerned they do not contribute as much as they could and should, while using people like you to spread the fear of 'omgwtftheygavethemsomehtingforfreeandallonmyexpense'? It' s greed. You are promoting it.
  5. You mean child victims of his predatory act ? Sure you are not just playing the P-card here ? I mean I really don' t like Trump, but let' s not stoop to unwarranted accusations. Those roam plenty as it is.
  6. No, I'm stating that the government takes some of our money of which we do not have a say how it is spent. Seeing the tax-breaks multicorps are getting into the billions that could save whole countries, you still want to make me believe that a part of my money is ONLY being wasted on deadbeats ? And only when Democrats are in power ? Really ... ? That' s the best you got ?
  7. I think she is not : You do use the same antic that has been used for years by politics globally to cut people out of social programs. As those budgets have been decreasing, because of said so rethorics : capitalists, everywhere and not just in the U.S. , just LOVE to repeat this argument to keep people in fear that all of the 'pwecious money they pay to the government' is spoiled on those unwilling to participate in the ratrace. The Red Scare is the real problem here. What' s to be afraid and wrong about being social or benevolent to others ? It' s not YOUR money. The government just ta
  8. No, I did not know THAT. Is there substantiated evidence for that or is it just a claim of yours ?
  9. It' s called ' Glitch'-ed. ( It' s a purchasable attachment I own too ... )
  10. They do so, because they are told without any sense of introspective criticism : Trump is blinding them from the very fact he only staged all of this to distract from the fact he' s going to leave the White House a very rich man. There is no other motivation on his mind.
  11. And so this here is Trump' s true profit : everyone is arguing about electoral theft, while he gets away with millions he collected while registering as bankrupt. Americans should not stop the proposed imaginary steal, but the thief robbing them blind while crying wolf ( no offense to wolves ).
  12. Like I said before : I still remain, perhaps mistakingly, under the impression you are making a case for "If the left can be accused of this, the right should not be accused of .. " which is my subjective opinion of your entries. Let's agree to disagree in general.
  13. Seriously Drayke ? He should be equally condemned and haunted by justice like say the folks who pulled in the policeman into the crowd of rioters and KILLED him ? Equally so ? It's only fair when it's on the same priority standard ? Now we have gotten to a point where I no longer wish to debate you.
  14. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/several-well-known-hate-groups-identified-at-capitol-riot/
  15. Yes, Drayke, I do. With mentioning all of this by you, I still remain under the impression you are making a 'whataboutism' in favor of recent acts committed by the right, so the riots can be justified and justifies Trump's 'objection' and methods. I agree this is purely subjective from my side. Sorry you feel this way. Thanks for debating.
  16. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. I thought you were familiar with the expression. My bad. I have less doubts. He cannot be accused legally yet while being in office, but I'm convinced in time he will have to face several charges, including the incitement. Time will tell.
  17. I categorise it as FUD, yes. David Pakman makes the arguments I wanted to make much more eloquent. Something tells me you haven't listened, but that's cool : I do not expect you to. If so that still makes him a minority in a group of criminals that were mostly right winged. The 'bad apples must have been leftist' approach, also explained by David, is just another way of 'whataboutism' around the fact that Trump committed a fellony. True. But he will be held accountable and that process is already happening.
  18. Then they could have peacefully protested outside of the Capitol and not obstruct the meeting of Congress that was ongoing. Barging into the Capitol, at said date and time, is disrupting the democratic process their own 'leader' signed for and should guarantee : a peaceful transition of power.
  19. You are evidently misphrasing the truth : all objections where refused, because there is no submittable EVIDENCE for said objections. Courtcase by courtcase.
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