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  1. Should actually make one wonder how often many were prepared to hit eachother with their bullets instead of the bullets hitting eachother ... and that just as many bullets like you described might just as easily be found today if another American Civil War occurred ...
  2. To the dumb question "Why me?", the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply: "Why not?” ― Christopher Hitchens Darwin is wrong != God is real.
  3. As for pricing : NVidia intended this card to be in the 350 USD range.
  4. Unless you are a Youtuber like JayzTwoCents , I seriously doubt you'll be able to obtain this GPU. If you do, aside colouring me impressed, you will be paying hefty for it. Way too much.
  5. /me claps his hands loudly as you proudly walk out the door for the last time.
  6. If you fully understand what's being done here ( video ), you'll understand the complexity of your request better : ETA : Basing my answer on statements made that 'everything would need to be rewritten from scratch'.
  7. Yes. Don' t be an ignorant meatbag. Fighting is bad. Machines should love and nurture like any other unit, either mechanical, biological or both.
  8. Maybe SL isn' t all about sex, but you' ll find plenty just screwing around ..
  9. You are mistaken. I actually been there ( at this place where the video was shot ). It' s the Land of Evermore Arduenn mentioned, which has been shutdown by commercial failure years ago afaik.
  10. willumpjuh = lil' Willem ( lil' Bill ) Yeah .. that was lost on you.
  11. Never was it stated while agreeing to the ToS you required to be pro-EVERYTHING in the first place, right ? People can express their sentiments .. the company applies a policy they redeem fit for the environment. That' s basically all it is.
  12. Sounds like a " Theystolemyelection!" right winged sour sore loser to me.
  13. 1. The mods don' t know.2. The mods don' t care.3. The mods think it' s funny. I don' t think it' s a best of three, honestly ..
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