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  1. It does. Religion IS law ( of God) for believers, remember ?
  2. Pharisees : Traditional Jewish philosophers / Religionists Sadducees : Jewish philosophers following the Greek tradition What 'happened' there, although some regard it as inspired text, is, historically speaking, fictional.
  3. See ? Fritz Lang even looks good on you ..
  4. That is so untrue. LRH's 'inspired' texts clearly state 747's have travelled through galaxies to drop thetans into volcanoes on earth, so you unquestionably are lying and are unscientological. Errr ... wait .. hold on ..
  5. Anything inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis does ..
  6. Well, I'm not affiliated, but I find this creator, who has an inworld store, captivates your preferred style quite nicely ( imho ). It's at least worth a look.
  7. I found this inspired quote : " Do onto others ... then run ! " - Benny Hill
  8. None. I have a Pi do that for me.
  9. You placed that search towards an academic ( not me of course ) . And likely prejudiced sources is of course a euphemism. You haven't. Twice your link refers to a Duck Duck Go - result which leads to various links mainly reporting about a religious researcher being fired for questioning evolution. The links supplied basically belong to the religious inclined opposed to 'darwinism'.
  10. Which we might comprehend better if we' d find out what' s on the other side of a black hole for instance. It might not require this constant primal unmoving cause old theologies are trying to instill on us since people are able to write.
  11. It' s still science and not a faith ( until you prove otherwise ) ..
  12. ... no..not a leap of faith .. it' s actually (a) science. ^.^
  13. They do as long as that which is assumed without evidence can just as easily be dismissed without evidence and the evident remains by evidence instead of assumption. I mean it' s possibly not wrong to assume something, but it' s not proof.
  14. That list indeed seems very void of unprejudiced info. Godreports.com? Foxnews.com ? Research ? Seriously ?
  15. Should actually make one wonder how often many were prepared to hit eachother with their bullets instead of the bullets hitting eachother ... and that just as many bullets like you described might just as easily be found today if another American Civil War occurred ...
  16. To the dumb question "Why me?", the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply: "Why not?” ― Christopher Hitchens Darwin is wrong != God is real.
  17. As for pricing : NVidia intended this card to be in the 350 USD range.
  18. Unless you are a Youtuber like JayzTwoCents , I seriously doubt you'll be able to obtain this GPU. If you do, aside colouring me impressed, you will be paying hefty for it. Way too much.
  19. /me claps his hands loudly as you proudly walk out the door for the last time.
  20. If you fully understand what's being done here ( video ), you'll understand the complexity of your request better : ETA : Basing my answer on statements made that 'everything would need to be rewritten from scratch'.
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