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  1. Yeah, the Americans got lucky this time. Any first time dictator over here at least gets a chance to slaughter opponents by the millions. ETA : And I cannot prove he's a dictator. But I surely saw him take a dive for it ..
  2. Ok, maybe we should hold off the winebinging for now ? 😕
  3. He did. I think it actually did him in and made it topple over in his disadvantage. He sure lost all credibility to me if he ever had any at that very moment.
  4. Wondering which reporter will ask as first : "Mr. Trump .. how does it feel to be fired ?"
  5. Come on, man .. take your loss. You are so better off without Trump. You deserve better. Honestly.
  6. First the Dems .. then come the atheists .. 😈
  7. Did I just watch ABC aunnounce Joe Biden to be president ?
  8. Now it's raining cats and dogs in the forums. It's all going to hell ..
  9. NOW this thread is under attack .. Who let the kitties out ?!
  10. Nonsense. This thread will enable people to blow off some steam regardless. If the thread dies , it dies. If it's pulled it's pulled. It's just another goddamn thread. ( I mean I do respect other threads , but if this turns out to be only politcal banter gone bad , so be it .. it's in our own control )
  11. @Luna Bliss: Here's your target !! Ding ! Ding !
  12. Ok .. someone obviously missed their "Courting 101 ; EU Edition" - course.
  13. He can never beat King Louis ! [Moderator Edit: Video with Sexually Explicit Innuendo Removed]
  14. The brutally honest question remains here : are there enough Republicans who have had it with this current presidency ? That is what time will tell in the coming days.
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