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  1. That face he makes looks like he's sittng down too quickly on one ..
  2. All foreign media is declaring Biden a winner as well .. because the U.S. Media are. As I said this before : Trump can only stop this if he takes control over the media right now and stop them from declaring Joe Biden a winner. Which would mean a coup. It's really over, Gage.
  3. Yes .. we reserve a special place for him in hell where he is coupled with Angela Merkel in a permanent unholy matrimony.
  4. The crime of the CNN reporter is a good day for every person .. If anyone's interested in the title ..
  5. I HAVE to remind you the people spoke today, Luna. No one else. It's over , Luna .. He's gone ..
  6. Sorry. Have to say this. Maybe Joe ain't so fit. Maybe Joe is old. Maybe Joe takes a lot on his fork. But at least Joe will give you back some effing grace ..
  7. Probably a male feminist. Or a friend from the festival ?
  8. That's not what hair does to me. Hair reminds me of being a primate watching other primates act ridiculously over hair, while growing boldly bald without a care. Hey, that ryhmes even..
  9. Do many have dreadlocks between their anckles ? ETA : Correcting myself "No, because THAT would be gross." OK.
  10. Not before you shave those armpits..Or at least trim them .. 🙄
  11. Well.. straight from Europe .. so I guess it's official now .. https://nos.nl/collectie/13849/artikel/2355590-media-vs-roepen-joe-biden-uit-tot-winnaar-verkiezingen-trump-kondigt-rechtszaak-aan If Trump still wants to win now, he'll have to take out the U.S. Media.
  12. And that's what he is doing to just one of you, Americans .. You should sue him for that vacation ..
  13. I was referring to Europe and it's despots gallore. Perhaps a bad analogy, but calling the U.S. a bananarepublic didn't sound as strong ..
  14. Here. At home. Why ? ETA : I'm a cloggy, Amina. Thought that was common knowledge in here by now.
  15. Yeah, the Americans got lucky this time. Any first time dictator over here at least gets a chance to slaughter opponents by the millions. ETA : And I cannot prove he's a dictator. But I surely saw him take a dive for it ..
  16. Ok, maybe we should hold off the winebinging for now ? 😕
  17. He did. I think it actually did him in and made it topple over in his disadvantage. He sure lost all credibility to me if he ever had any at that very moment.
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