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  1. This is the real SL for me. It's unfiltered.



    I will not keep it, but in this raw form I always found it visually pleasing.

    At least nothing to hide from, from others.

    I probably just don' t get it.


    ETA : I mean seriously, without remorse, THEY will need to make me an offer to keep a region like this, however much I still like living there.

    I know they won' t.

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  2. 11 hours ago, sirhc DeSantis said:

    Err 'What's up with the picture of a real person, and not an avatar? '

    If thats a real person then erm what planet? Not complaining mind


    wtf again.PNG

    Rather .. what kind of required software and hardware would render this avatar with seemingly more features than the most expensive RTX series of GPU's combined with any new generation CPU's would be able to cope with without frying itself @ 60 FPS ? 

    Takes at least an NVidia RTX 4090 TI OC to run this .... :|

    So they made a video with real human beings and make-up and visual effects without computers to hide the true visual rendering by a computer of SL ..

    Hmmmm ....

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    Its the truth as I see it. I am not forcing you to accept what I see and you couldn't even if you wanted to. The truths in the Bible are spiritually discerned, not a matter of intelligence.

    That's partly truth. Subjective truth.

    There's also an objective truth creationists will never have their share in.

  4. By God, if I didn't know better and hadn't seen all these points refuted before, @Arielle Popstar would be the perfect mixture of Schmuley Boteach  and Kent Hovind - argumentation. :|

    Let's not forget first all these murdering totalitarian regimes base their state on one particular pillar : unconditional worshipping of the Perfect Leader / Being.

    Something not uncommon to creationists.

    ETA : See what I did there, Arielle ? Don't even go there.


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