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  1. I dare you to read it. In fine bookstores everywhere.
  2. Meet the devil's advocate ( pro bono ) during said Canonization :
  3. Didn' t you already do that for you ?
  4. Now wonder the amount of people heading towards him directly at any given time. "Oh god, I 'm ... "
  5. That's partly truth. Subjective truth. There's also an objective truth creationists will never have their share in.
  6. In short .. a fervent Creationist. He's also a convicted criminal.
  7. Rabbi Boteach used the same argumentation of Darwinian totalitarian murdereous regimes being equal to atheism. It was not solely to offend you. Do look up whom he debated against with those arguments of yours.
  8. By God, if I didn't know better and hadn't seen all these points refuted before, @Arielle Popstar would be the perfect mixture of Schmuley Boteach and Kent Hovind - argumentation. Let's not forget first all these murdering totalitarian regimes base their state on one particular pillar : unconditional worshipping of the Perfect Leader / Being. Something not uncommon to creationists. ETA : See what I did there, Arielle ? Don't even go there.
  9. No. We want you to remain open to demonstrable truth. Not falsify it in favor of that supposed Creator of yours.
  10. Christopher Hitchens, an atheist who was often debated against and revered by American Christian scholars. I hope you will, in spite of what you first seen of him, get to know him better.
  11. I always considered you to be far more subtle yet less concise than Christopher.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DcatxVMBh0 Warning : Link contains profane language. NSFW
  13. Noted. That's ... an interesting hypothesis. Well, to us 'needs to be convinced by substantiated data'- kinda people who are a part of mankind actually very much. We totally agree on the latter part, yes.
  14. Because focusing on that alone robs all of us of valuable contributions of scientists with religious backgrounds ? The Bing Bang theory being one of them ?
  15. Since this thread is digressing ( towards I don't know where and don't want to go there should I find out ), I find contestants on any side should be aware of the following taken from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/theory : https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/theory So Darwin's theory of Evolution = to explain things that have already been substantiated by data. Religion = to explain things that have already been substantiated by inspired unquestionable authority.
  16. No. But I do have some idea now you are as indifferent to facts as the traditional Jewish, including 'your'Jesus, were to Roman law, Greek philosophy or general common sense. OK. I'm stepping down.
  17. "I am ticketing you for speeding. " "No officer, I only am to be held responsible by my Lord and Saviour and your accusation is invalid, because I prayed to God and promised I would drive safely. "
  18. This is kind of interesting : You keep repeating the word law , while reporting about distinctions in philosophy. The Romans ruled Israel by Roman law, not Jewish. Herod was placed as a national king only by Roman approval. The Farizees and Sadduccees did not hold office in governments. Jesus rantings are about ideas. Not actual laws.
  19. Suggestion to change topic title into : The Darwin spiral off into creationism.
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