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  1. It's been 3 days since I turned 18, but I can't change the viewer maturity settings at all, there is no drop down menu or anything, it's still on only "General"
  2. It says that it is the incorrect password, but it is my correct SL password, I can no longer acess my old email adress and wont be able to do so for a while, what to do?
  3. Seems like it is that, looked at a grid status website and it says they are having a rolling maintenance.
  4. Why is this? One of the offline places is in the middle of a sandbox. Edit: Oh my... almost the whole general rated bay city is offline... what is happening!?
  5. Well, will it, or will it be taken down? Just pondering on this a little bit.
  6. Well, any tips on free alternates, cause I don't understand Blender at all Anyway, one person said it wasn't allowed, but then theres allot of people that says it is allowed to for an example, make games with it, I'm so confused
  7. Well, I suppose I can atleast use the models, without making money off them, just using them for my personal avis?
  8. I wonder if it is a thing that is allowed, they say I can't use it commercially, but I techichally don't use it for real money, even if Linden can be made into real money?
  9. Well, there were fart clouds of different colors, different fart noises, I saw some fire icon above my head before the noob sign popped up.
  10. Well, I can figure out this much, it was a joke, but what was it? A gun? a hack? a spam? a script? I did not get asked to use a script and neither has it happened before.
  11. What happens if the owner never sends a report, or if it is a company that don't care about/likes fan made stuff?
  12. Eh, I just use "" allot, I don't know, that's just me, I guess, same with "^^" Just how I write, anyway, I read that, they can only take something down if they get a report from the actual company, is that true? And I still kinda want to know if anyone knows the real answer to the stuff that makes NO money whatsoever by not selling it or giving it out for free.
  13. If the chance is very big, how come there is so much of it?
  14. Just curious, but is there any known incident in which "recreations" are removed? I mean, I see lots of stuff based on TV shows and Games in the marketplace, as well as company stuff made by, well, just some random people, if you make something but don't sell it, is it still not allowed? Just wondering since I kinda like recreations if they are well made XD And how big is the chance of it actually being taken down?
  15. But can I get free land for the premium, as in, not paying any Linden for it? ^^
  16. Actually, it seems that I can't, I'm 16, by the way ^^
  17. Cause I just got Premium, and I wonder if there's any way for me to own land? ^^
  18. Well, I just want to say, that I really wonder, cause I found sex objects (rubs, baths, toilets) in a GENERAL rated sim, that's not allowed in there, now is it? I did of course not use them, I just want to point out something that shouldn't be there that I found while exploring maps XD
  19. Actually, that was when I was editing my appearance that the texture came up, but what I'm speaking of is a glitch with layers, nothing else, that skin was one I got from the marketplace.
  20. Lol, Adventure Time is a TV show And yeah, Minecraft is addictive, lol
  21. No, no, no, no, NO, Your misunderstanding me, guys, this is getting embarrasing, I never said I wanted to walk around naked, I just want appropriate layers for my avatar, guys, your getting the wrong signal, I don't even support sexual activity like that, atleast not with me, you guys are getting a completely wrong signal, sometimes I wear a dress, that's all, and swimwear with underwear is weird, you're getting what I'm trying to say, this isn't about sex.
  22. Then how come there are things based and even ripped from games like Zelda and sonic characters? I don't get how not making money (They do, I don't) of something fanon is wrong?
  23. Nah, but my computer is pretty weak, and it's also Windows Xp.
  24. How would I join a group without viewing it's details first?
  25. So, I've found a group of my interest, but when I press the button "view full profile in SL" nothing happens, why is this and how do I get this to work, shall I use another viewer? I use Singularity...
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