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  1. Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region. WHY AM I GETTING THIS MESSAGE. I own the land; everyone who has permissions on the land gets it? It just all of a sudden starting happening today. The land is grouped-owned. PLEASE, I run a business and in the process of designing the region. It is on the Mainland if that helps and again, I OWN IT.
  2. Tsah

    Mainland Restart

    I need a contact number to get a mainland restarted that I own. Also, if I own the whole region, why can't I restart it myself???
  3. Thank you for the information on addons - going to MP now ... thank you all for your information.
  4. I got a home in Sweetmarsh today - It's a house on the corner and up on a hill so it is huge. Not what I truly wanted but also not too far from the water (across the street) I just hope the neighbors don't mind me riding my jet ski in between their homes (safe grounds there lol) to hit the water. However, I have a few questions if anyone knows the answer. I have a traditional house, is there a way to change that theme? I know you can select different homes under traditional but I see some homes in the hood that are not like the traditional homes I am rezzing. Also, if I decide to abandon this home, do I lose the name I gave this land? i- I am also a biker so the road is very much welcomed.
  5. I just got this message and it was on a refresh without me even requesting a home?
  6. Wow I just got taken aback because the person who created this blog spells Bellisseria wrong - Bellessarian or is she correct? What is the true spelling? Bellisserian - Bellissarian? I was wondering the reason why I was not getting any hits... lol
  7. Thank you!!! Now i can continue the struggle to get my houseboat... You're awesome!
  8. So I click Quote then type what I want to say?
  9. How do you reply directly to someone who replied to your post??? lol yes I am learning
  10. Ok, I am at wits end. I was notified through the "Auto Refresh Plus" that a Bellisseria home was available. However, when I went to the "Customize You Home" page, Bellisseria was not listed? I used the dropdown menu and the home was not there in the list. Could someone please tell me what to do after you are notified through Auto Refresh Plus that a Bellisseria home/houseboat is available while on the "Customize You Home" page? It would be greatly appreciated... Thanks ♥
  11. I have my auto-refresh set on 1 minute - earlier it would go 3 pages then block me out - I had to wait 9 mins to get back in - Now, it goes about 6-7 pages of refresh then block me out. However, I can get back in after a minute. So they are getting there.
  12. Wow - I did the same - set my refresh to 1 minute and still got this message: Refresh Limit Reached Due to the popularity of the Bellisseria continent with the Traditional and Houseboat options, we have implemented a refresh limit on the home selection page to help reduce server load. If running a browser plug-in or using a feature built into your browser, please set your refresh configuration to the following: 10 Page loads per 10 Minute period Which means that you can exhaust those 10 page loads in the first minute, but will have to wait an additional 9 minutes before you can see the inventory page again. Return to Land Selection What the??? I get to about 3-4 refreshes then it blocks me out?
  13. Thank you - I am new at this and you post was informative, like select the name of your home then paging back. I did that and loving it... again, thanks
  14. Maybe the word "lottery" is not the right word - the original blog said we are placed in a pool and notified when we are selected to get a home - like I said - first come first served - so you are not being "randomly" selected. When you enroll you are given a number - each time homes are released we will be aware of what number LL is up to. That simple - if I am number 306 and they are drawing numbers 280, 281, 282, etc., I will know I need to pay attention because my number is coming up - if I miss it and do not get my home in the allotted time they allow, 24-48 hours for instance, I lose - right? I'm out of luck and have no one to blame. EDITING THIS BECAUSE ittleMe Jewell MADE A GOOD POINT - So we add "no limit to claim home" - when you are picked, the home is yours, period. When you finally get online to claim it then it's yours. But still think about it, you may never come back on to claim the house then LL will have an abundant amount of empty homes? There has to be some limit to claim your home - what 3 months, 6 months?? Think about it. PS - I did not know how to reply to ittleMe Jewell post
  15. A lottery will work - first come first served - and if you "miss" the allotted time you are given to claim your home, NEXT!! You would then need to resubmit your name and your back at the end of the line. This is far better than looking at a refreshed screen for maybe hours and/or help those who are "working a real job" during the hours they are giving away homes, right?
  16. YOU make too much SENSE - Is anyone listening? Also, can someone please clarify to me HOW OFTEN DO THE BELLISSERIA HOMES/HOUSEBOATS, ETC. ARE OFFERED? Do I sit everyday at any given time and "refresh my azz off" or "refresh my azz off" on particular days? Please HELP!
  17. HI - I made an offer to you inworld. Let me know if the land is still available. Also let me know when the payments are due... thank you ♥
  18. I am interested in purchasing - how much are you selling it for?
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